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Thread: How good is this game?

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    How good is this game?

    How good is this game?

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    I've played a lot of this game so I think I can give my opinion on here.

    + It's really fun when playing with friends. The game is easy to understand and very cute. The board game also has a timed version.
    + Surprisingly has a lot of strategy to the board game. Think of it as a combination of Mario Party, Fortune Street, and Candy Land so if you like those games, you'll probably like amiibo festival. Some people may think it's boring but with the turnips, Katrina's Fortunes, Redd's cards, and using amiibo cards can give you a much bigger hand in winning. If you get a bad week with turnips for example, use Redd's Turnip card to help negate that. If you get a good fortune with Katrina, you can make the other players pay you Happy Points or Bells or sometimes both. (If you get a bad fortune, you pay the other players.) You can use the amiibo cards after playing the board game twice and use the villagers to your advantage to get the right roll.
    + Board Map Customization: After playing the board game twice, you can customize your town map with PWPs and permanent buildings. Permanent buildings create new pathways/shortcuts so you have more to explore. Also, I've noticed everyone's board map differs from another.
    + amiibo card compatibility with Happy Home Designer. You can create a villager's home in HHD and then update client info with the amiibo phone and transfer that same exterior house design into amiibo festival. You can pick whichever villager you want to move into your board map as long as you have their amiibo card.
    + Villagers can roll the die for you. I believe you can use this feature on the 2nd or 3rd time playing the board game. Each amiibo card has a # die on it, that is the roll the villager can most likely roll. It's not guaranteed every time.
    + Villager Birthdays: The game will celebrate villager's birthday if the villager lives in your town if you land on a positive space. If that villager is hosting the game, the game will announce their birthday and you get a prize (Happy Points or Bells) if you land on their birthday space.
    + Playing in different months. The first time you play, you have to play in the current month your Wii U is on. After the first or second time, you can play any month. The game celebrates different holidays from AC.
    + amiibo figure outfits. The more you play, the more outfits you unlock for them. There are 6 outfits for each amiibo figure (and they are really adorable).
    + Desert Island Escape: Not gonna lie, it's probably one of the best features of the game. Unlock this minigame first tbh. It's single player but you could easily "assign" others to play as the other villagers.
    + Other minigames can be fun. I personally love the Quiz Show and Balloon Island (& Desert Island Escape).

    - amiibo figures: You have to use at least 1 to play the game every time. I personally wouldn't recommend getting this game if you don't intend on getting amiibo figures and cards. There are minigames you can only play if you have 5+ amiibo cards.
    - Board game can be repetitive, especially if you're playing by yourself. If you're trying to unlock everything, the pace will feel slow. The board game can be heavily luck-based if you're not using any strategy I talked about above.
    - Grammar mistakes. After playing enough times, you'll notice pronoun errors with villagers. (This personally doesn't bother me but I imagine it would bug others.)
    - You may not like the minigames. Obviously, the most popular is Desert Island Escape. The rest can be a hit or miss depending on what you like. I'm not a fan of Mystery Campers but others are fond of it.
    - Not recommended if you don't have other people to play with. Like I said, it can get dry.
    - No online play. This game has sooo much potential for awesome online play, at least for the minigames.

    Personally, I enjoy the game. It's cute and relaxing but it can get hectic if you're playing with computers or other people. Of course, the game is not for everyone but I don't believe it deserves the hate it gets tbh. I think Nintendo did a crappy job not marketing its game features enough. I found out most of this stuff through playing. Most of the pros I mentioned on here does not get mentioned on its official website.

    I hope that helped you & anyone curious as to what the game actually is like.

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    what game you didnt even post the title :/

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    oh amiibo festival

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    It's fun I play it with my family sometimes

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    this game is ****
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    i'm so out of loop with new games and such, haha i didnt even know that this was a thing XD

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    from what I've seen everyone seems to hate it :-/
    others say it's very underrated lmao

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    Not played it but I've seen it on YouTube and... bleeeh. If it was free then I'd be like "oh, they're making money by promoting Amiibo, that's fair", but nope, full-price title.
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    It seems somewhat fun, yet at the same time it feels more like this message;

    BUY OUR TOYS11!!!1

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    Wow, I didn't know this was a mini game of sorts. I haven't purchased any of this new game stuff, so I wouldn't know. But it sounds super cool.

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