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Thread: The Bell Tree Discord Chat Room: Beginner's Guide

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    The Bell Tree Discord Chat Room: Beginner's Guide

    Discord is a new and modern communication platform we're using for real-time chat in our community here at The Bell Tree. Participating in the chat room is a great way to meet friends on TBT, find people to play games with, or just generally get more involved in the community.

    How do I join?

    Get started with the TBT Discord Chat Room in your web browser by clicking the link below to be invited to our server on Discord:

    Once you're in the chat room, you will need to register a Discord account and verify your email address if you haven't yet already in order to participate. For instructions, follow the section below, or post in this thread for help.

    How to Register A Discord Account

    When you join as a guest without an account, you should see this at the top of the page:

    Click the Claim Account button to pop up this window where you can adjust your username as well as providing your email and creating a password:

    Click Done and then check your email account to find a verification email. Verify your email through that and you're done! (click for assistance) Now you can participate in our chat room, as well as download the official Discord applications and login to them with your new account to access our chat room everywhere.

    Understanding Channels

    One of the greatest features of the Discord Chat Room is the existence of multiple channels to suit different discussions. By default, you're automatically inside of all public channels and can read or send messages in them by clicking the channel name in the left sidebar. You can also mute a channel if you have absolutely no interest in it.

    Current Channels:

    • #announcements: Find easy links to the latest important announcements and events on The Bell Tree in this channel.
    • #general: The main discussion channel of the Discord chat room -- talk about almost everything here.
    • #animal-crossing: Find others users to play and trade with online in Animal Crossing: New Leaf here. General AC discussion is welcome as well if #general is busy.

    Think we should add a new channel? Let us know by posting in this thread and we'll consider it if we can gauge significant interest. Channels are also subject to removal in time if we feel they are not active enough.

    Moderators and Name Colors

    Name colors in the Discord chat room currently match the usergroup colors on the forums: those colors and groups include Admins, Moderators, and Project Staff. You can find a list of them on the View Site Leaders page here.

    These users are in charge of the chat room and may kick or ban you if you are not following the rules otherwise creating a negative environment for everyone else. Usually, they will warn you through private message or public chat first if the offense is minor.

    In the future, additional moderators of the chat room separately from the forum may be introduced. These users will be active members of the Discord and have limited powers inside the chat room for when a staff member isn't available.

    Rules & Guidelines of The Bell Tree Discord Chat Room

    Discord Chat Room
    The general rules of The Bell Tree apply to the Discord chat room, but it is generally more loosely moderated in comparison to the forums. Follow these guidelines below for a summary of what's expected:
    • Always be respectful to others at all times. Especially so to newcomers -- make people feel welcome!
    • Inappropriate content rules are generally laxer, but use common sense still. It's probably okay to link something with profanity, it's probably not okay to link highly graphic or explicit content.
    • Refrain from spamming channels with pointless or meaningless messages, as well as repeating yourself. Users will respond to your messages if they are interested.
    • Your nickname should ideally be identifiable to your TBT name. Moderators may ask you to identify yourself or change your name if this is not clear.
    • Users with colored names are the moderators in charge of the chat room -- listen to them if they ask you to stop doing something. They will kick or ban you if they feel you are not following these rules or otherwise creating a negative environment for everyone else.
    • The Discord chat room is a privilege alongside the forum, and you may be banned from the chat room as well during the duration of a forum ban.
    • Do not invite bots into the chat room unapproved by staff -- they will be removed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I need help using this new-fangled thing! It's confusing! Help?

    We suggest checking out Discord's official support pages first if you're having trouble directly related to the app itself and not our server or users. If that fails, creating a thread in the Bell Tree HQ is sure to have other users willing to help you.

    Where are the voice channels? I want to speak!

    There is currently no voice chat on The Bell Tree Discord at this time. Right now, we're introducing text chat as a direct replacement for the IRC, so that's our current focus. Voice chat may be implemented at a later date if things go well and regulars of the chat room request it.

    How can I turn on notifications?

    We've disabled general notifications by default in our server, which means you will only receive a notification if someone mentions your name using the @ symbol, or a staff member uses @everyone. This is to prevent un-wanted notification "spam", but you can turn on all notifications yourself by opening the menu button next to The Bell Tree Forums in the top left and selecting Notification Settings.

    I feel I was wrongly kicked or banned from the chat room. What can I do?

    In most cases, a moderator likely asked you to stop doing something beforehand. If so, you can first check with them and ask for more detail on why they kicked or banned you. If you're still not pleased, you can appeal using the Contact the Staff board for forum moderators to see.

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    I think you should add a Mafia bot and Mafia channel thanks.

    EDIT: Were's Voice Chat

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    how do you join if you already hae an account because like i cant

    join our discord! c:

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    Question: Can you still use discord without downloading anything?

    - - - Post Merge - - -

    ughhhhh i'm on my wii u's browser and it is not working.. well barely. Can't download it on my laptop since im only borrowing it..
    Elliot - they/them - minor

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    this is already awful omg I love it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xerolin View Post
    Question: Can you still use discord without downloading anything?

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    ughhhhh i'm on my wii u's browser and it is not working.. well barely. Can't download it on my laptop since im only borrowing it..
    Issue #1: you're using the Wii u broeser

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    May i suggest a pokemon channel? I know a lot of users here are Pokenerds :3

    Looking for Moe, Tex, Chrissy, Francine, and Apollo.

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    Def need a channel for gaming that isn't animal crossing.
    wot in tarnation

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    Can someone help me? Where do I put the code?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin View Post
    Think we should add a new channel? Let us know by posting in this thread and we'll consider it if we can gauge significant interest. Channels are also subject to removal in time if we feel they are not active enough.
    I am just going to add a few suggestions here I guess.

    These are the ones that are used in the Mafia chat:
    • Collectible Discussion Channel
    • Music Discussion Channel
    • Pictures Channel
    • Politics

    But I think there could be more that would fit nicely with the "whole TBT" Discord, rather than just the 2 or 3 that we currently have:
    • The ones listed above
    • General gaming (Or Popular game sub channels)
    • TBT Event Discussion/Feedback or something like that
    • Art Discussion, Sharing, Feedback, etc.

    Personally I think there should be a good amount of channels throughout the server, it'll help spread people out, slow down the activity in just the general chat, and let people make friends with those who share similar interests and stuff.
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