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Thread: TBT Mafia: Attack on Titan - [Game Over/Town Wins]

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    TBT Mafia: Attack on Titan - [Game Over/Town Wins]

    Game Over! Town Wins!

    Over a century ago, mankind was confronted by the monsters that would become known as the titans. Their sheer power, size, and affinity for devouring humans brought the human race to the brink of extinction. Fearing for survival, the last remaining humans constructed three circular walls to protect and repopulate the Earth: Maria, Rose and Sina. Small sections of the land were walled off of main walls to create districts that served as titan bait and alleviated the pressure on the military. The district of Shiganshina functioned as one of these. The high walls succeeded in keeping the titans at bay and a peace came across the land for the next 100 years until the year 845.

    A titan appeared out of nowhere, soon to be known as the colossus titan, and towered over the wall separating the district of Shiganshina from the titan-infested world. One swing of his leg and the gates were broken wide open. Smaller titans flooded the city, permanent grins plastered on their otherwise emotionless faces. They began consuming anyone in their path in their human driven hunger. The small district quickly became infested with titans, building and broken bodies lay in collapsed heaps. The terror wasn't over as an armoured titan appeared within the Shiganshina district, setting his sights on the gate that separated the district from the confines of Wall Maria. He charged full force at the gate, bursting through it and leaving those behind Wall Maria defenceless. Titans poured into the space, ultimately pushing mankind behind Wall Rose. 10,000 people were devoured that day and those left with broken families and nightmares that never end have vowed to get revenge. 5 years later, the wounds from that day are recovering slowly and those seeking revenge have joined the 104th Training Corps to get into the Survey Corps in order to rid the world of the titan infestation.

    Will you defeat the titans or will you become their next meal?

    *Disclaimer - This is an anime and manga mixed based game, so the storyline will be slightly different concerning transformation knowledge and coordinate knowledge*

    Day and Night Posts:


    Mafia is a game of the uninformed majority versus the informed minority. To elaborate, the game is typically divided into two teams: the Town and the Mafia. Mafia know who each other are, and can coordinate their actions privately. Town players on the other hand don't know anything other than their own role. To compensate, there are many more Town than Mafia. The objective of the game is for Town to eliminate by killing or lynching all the Mafia before it is too late. The game is divided into repeating phases of Day and Night. Day revolves around voting for a player to be lynched. Night is reserved for the Mafia to make their kills and certain players to use their special abilities.

    Be warned - Mafia requires a time commitment. This generally depends on the player, but at minimum 30 minutes a day of solid effort is required. As part of the time commitment, Mafia requires a great deal of reading. Most people are actually quite poor at reading comprehension and playing Mafia is a great way to improve your reading ability, as well as your writing and ability to think and argue logically.

    How to Play Mafia for New Players:

    Experienced players can skip this, written by KarlaKGB

    Playerlist (with filters):

    01. Alexi/Chrystina - Annie Leonhart (Godfather) - Lynched Day Four
    02. ClamEatsCurry/Curry - Hannah Diamant (Townie)
    03. Cory - Connie Springer (Townie) - Modkilled Day Four
    04. Cadbberry - Abnormal Titan (Mafia Goon) - Lynched Day Three
    05. Call Me Daniel - Erwin Smith (Veteran) - Lynched Day Two
    06. Jacob - Keith Shadis (Townie) - Killed Night One
    07. Entropy - Armin Arlert (Doctor)
    08. Bango/Crys - Mylius Zeramuski (Townie) - Killed Night Two
    09. Tardis2016/KirbyStarship - Bertolt Hoover (Mafia Roleblocker) - Lynched Day Five
    10. Dolby - Ilse Langnar (Townie)
    11. Heyden - Sasha Blouse (Detective) - Killed Night Three
    12. taesaek - Mikasa Ackerman (1-shot vigilante) - Modkilled Day Four
    13. Bingo/Trundle - Eren Yeager (Jack-of-all-trades) - Killed Night Four
    14. Ashtot - Hange Zoë (Doctor) - Killed Night Two
    15. Sataric - Marlowe Sand (Townie) - Killed Night Three
    16. Oath2Order (Replaced Ayaya) - Zeke (Mafia Doctor) - Killed Night Three
    17. Tom - Reiner Braun (1-shot Mafia Strongman) - Lynched Day One
    18. Kevinnn - Eld Jinn (Townie)
    19. Arstotzkan - Petra Ral (Townie) - Killed Night One
    20. Wild Blue Yonder - Luke Siss (Townie)
    21. Shiida - Oluo Bozado (Townie)
    22. Miharu - Mina Carolina (Townie)

    Players remaining: 7 / 22

    Mafia remaining: ?? / ??

    Mafia KP = ? (# of mafia/2, rounded up)



    Role List:


    • Townie

    • Survey Corps Solider - You have donned the wings of freedom in support of freeing mankind from the titan's suffocating grasp. You seek to recover the world that has been stolen from you. Your voice and your vote are your only weapons.

      Possible townie names:
      Keith Shadis Marco Bott Connie Springer Thomas Wagner Petra Ral Oluo Bozado Gunther Schultz
      Mike Zacharias Ilse Langnar Marlowe Sand Flagon Turret Luke Siss Hannah Diamant Eld Jinn
      Mylius Zeramuski Mina Carolina Franz Kefka

    • Veteran

    • Erwin Smith - You are the 13th commander of the survey corps, often sacrificing your own men for the greater good of mankind. You have a serious presence and a knack for calculation and planning. All your military knowledge and careful strategy has allowed you to remain one step ahead of the enemy and granted you one extra night life. You have two night lives.

    • Krista Lenz - You are the illegitimate child of the nobleman known as Rod Reiss and your true name is Historia Reiss. You were coerced into renouncing your name and taking on the name Krista Lenz. You are an incredibly shy and gentle soul, often showing extreme kindness to those around. Joining the military was supposed to result in your death as remove you as a successor to the throne. You will to live on, ascend your throne and reclaim your name has granted you an extra life. You have two night lives.

    • Detective

    • Sasha Blouse - You graduated 9th from the 104th Training Corps and have an affinity to find and eat food wherever you can. You originate from a country town, where food was scarce, and now you always seem to seek it out. You are very friendly and fun-loving. Everyone seems to know you as "potato girl". Your food hunting abilities have made you very sneaky and able to spy on anyone without getting caught. You will be able to determine a player's alignment each night.

    • Jean Kirstein - You graduated 6th from the 104th Training Corps and expressed your desire at joining the Military Police to relax in the inner wall. You ended up following the pack into the Survey Corps. You are a natural leader and have a very blunt nature. You approach everything with a cautious mind and a sense of doubt. It's this nature that allows you to question the alignment of those around you. You will be able to determine a player's alignment each night.

    • Doctor

    • Hange Zoë - You are a highly intelligent veteran of the Survey Corps. You have been named successor to Erwin Smith should he die. Your crowning glory is the research that you have put into studying titans. Your life's work has been built around them and how they function. You frequently enjoy lecturing those around you about the intricacies of titans and how they function. Each night you may corner a player and lecture them about your titan findings. This protects them from harm for one night. You cannot protect the same player twice in a row. You may protect yourself. If you protect a veteran role, your save will be used before their extra life.

    • Armin Arlert - You are the childhood friend of Mikasa and Eren. You possess an incredibly sharp mind that makes up for what you lack in physical strength. Your high intelligence has lead you to become somewhat of a strategic genius in the Special Operations Squad. You have become a valuable assest and have the ability to pull one player aside per night to discuss strategy for the next titan venture. This protects them from harm for one night. You cannot protect the same player twice in a row. You may protect yourself. If you protect a veteran role, your save will be used before their extra life.

    • Jack-of-all-trades

    • Eren Yeager - You are the adoptive brother of Mikasa and best friend of Armin. You are rash and hard-headed, your drive to kill the titans after seeing your mother get eaten being your sole driving force. You possess the ability to shift into a titan and seek to help mankind rid themselves of the titans while enacting your revenge on them. Your titan form is incredibly powerful, granting you many abilities. You have gained one doctor protection, one vigilante shot, and one detective inspection. You may protect yourself. If you protect a veteran role, your save will be used before their extra life.

    • 1-shot Vigilante

    • Mikasa Ackerman - You are the adopted sister of Eren Yeager. He rescued you when your parents were murdered by human traffickers and you have been close to him ever since. You are very serious and will risk your life to save your closest friends. You graduated 1st from the 104th Training Corps, your skill with a sword being the best of the class. You strive to protect your friends and can kill one person once per game that attempts to harm them.

    • Levi Ackerman - You are said to be humanity's strongest solider and also lead the Special Operations Squad, an elite squad at patrols outside of the city walls looking to retake land. You appear very abrasive, but care deeply for those close to you. Your combat skills are second to none and you can easily slay titans that cross your path. You are able to slay one player once per game.

    • Miller

    • Ymir - You graduated from the 104th Training Corps and went on to join the Survey Corps, unbeknownst to them, you also possess the ability to shift into a titan. You are cold and selfish around anyone other than Historia Reiss and would gladly sacrifice your life to protect hers. Your willingness to throw away mankind for the safety of Historia has caused distrust, making you appear as Titan to all inspections.


    • Godfather

    • Annie Leonhart - You are a strong-willed lone wolf originating from the homeland. You graduated 4th from the 104th Training Corps and went on to join the Military Police Brigade. You possess the ability to shift into a titan with amazing regeneration and crystallisation abilities at will. Being heavily infiltrated into mankind's own army allows you to return town to all detective inspections. You can send in KP.

    • Mafia Doctor

    • Zeke - You are the intelligent, curious and ruthless leader of the three shifting titans. You feel no remorse for killing humans and frequently do.It's widely believed that you have the knowledge to turn humans into extraordinary titans with greater ability than normal titans. You can shift into the titan known as the beast titan, having the appearance of an ape and the ability to speak fluently while shifted. You can take a player aside to discuss plans for the decimation of mankind once per night. This protects them from harm for one night. You cannot protect the same player twice in a row. You cannot protect yourself. You can send in KP.

    • Mafia Roleblocker

    • Bertolt Hoover - You are the quiet and weak-willed best friend of Reiner Braun, whom you have known since childhood. You graduated 3rd from the 104th Training Corps and followed Reiner into the Survey Corps. You possess the ability to shift into the colossus titan, the second largest known titan. Despite being a slow moving titan, you have incredibly strength and the ability to produce hot, highly pressurised steam from your body to repeal attackers. Each night you can blind a player with your steam ability and this will prevent them from taking action. You cannot roleblock the same person twice in a row. You can send in KP.

    • 1-shot Mafia Strongman

    • Reiner Braun - You are a passionate and honest solider that follows your sense of duty above all else. Graduating 2nd from the 104th Training Corps, you went on to join the Survey Corps. You can shift into the armoured titan that burst through Wall Maria 5 year ago and opened the gates for mankind to be slaughtered. Your most notable titan ability is the generation of hardened armour-like skin that protects your body from incoming damage and allows you to do incredible damage. You may bust through a player's defences to kill your target once at night. This will negate all protective effects and kill the target. If you target a veteran, your kill will still go through and negate the second life.

    • Mafia Goon

    • Abnormal Titan - You follow the shifting titans and serve whatever cause they will you to serve. You have an affinity for consuming humans and spend majority of your time doing just that. You have no special actions, but you can send in KP.

    Voting Thread:

    Voting thread located here:


    Set-up Information

    This game is a semi-open set-up, no-PM game. Wills are in effect for this game. WotC is in effect for this game.

    Game Setup Rules:

    PMs and other out-of-thread communication are NOT allowed UNLESS you are explicitly told otherwise. Any players doing so will be modkilled without warning.

    You must contribute one substantial post at least once every full day/night cycle. This means that if you only make one post, it needs to be more substantial than simply saying "I agree" or "RIP". If you post multiple times, this rule may may be less strict. There may be exceptions to this if day/night phases progress rapidly at any stage in the game.

    You may PM the host at night to create a will. This can contain any information you wish and will be revealed to all players should you die. Your will can only be changed once each night. Please title your PM to the host with the word "Will".

    This game uses replacements. Replacements will be made up until the end of Night 2.

    Wisdom of the Crowds:
    PM the host with the name of a player that you do not wish to play with. The votes will be tallied and the player with the most votes may be excluded from the game. This is entirely up to host discretion.

    Time Cycle and Phases:
    The game will generally follow a 48 hour day and flexible 24 hour night cycle. If I am not online and available to post when a phase is set to end, the game will be paused until I can post. No actions will be accepted during this period. The final deadline will always be 11PM AEST (6AM PST).

    During Day, players must vote to lynch another player in the game. Day ends at the deadline and the player with the most votes will be lynched. Night will follow one hour after the deadline once the lynch post has been published by me.

    During Night, you can send in night actions. Night always ends after 24 hours, regardless of when all actions are submitted. This to prevent meta speculation over when actions were sent in.

    General Mafia Rules:

    Cheating includes (but is not limited to):

    1. Posting after death. You may have one polite goodbye post, but it may not contain any potentially game-changing information.
    2. Ruining the game by doing something like handing out your mafia's member list to the town.
    3. Logging on to someone else's account to get their role or looking over someone's shoulder to get their role.
    4. Comparing role PM timings to try and work out roles.
    5. Posting or sharing any PM you receive from a host without permission.
    6. Getting yourself modkilled to help your team. Your non-majority-decided death may not be used as a bargaining chip.
    7. Signing up more than once using smurf accounts.
    8. Offering favours/items/bells outside of the game for a ingame information.
    9. Sharing accounts with other players.
    10. Breadcrumbing the specific phrasing of your role PM. Do not compare the phrasing in your role PM to prove your alignment. You can claim the abilities you have, but you can't use the specific phrasing of your role PM.
    11. Posting a false PM phrased as if you received it from the host. You can still fake roleclaim, but you cannot make it look like you are posting a PM you received from the host.


    Cheating is not tolerated here as it ruins the game for everyone. The mods and admins here CAN take action.

    Mod Font:
    This is the mod colour. It is reserved for the host. Please do not use it.

    Question Font:
    This is the question colour. Use it to ask the host questions about the rules in public. You can also PM me.

    Strategic spam is acceptable, within reason.

    Editing is not allowed for any reason. Editing will result in a warning. After that, you will be modkilled. While I ask for everybody to post as concisely as possible, post again if you have to edit anything. The board software automatically merges the posts anyway.

    Inappropriate posts:
    Mafia games can get heated, emotional, and salty. Please keep it civil and remember that what happens in Mafia should stay in Mafia. Don't let things wash over to the rest of the forum, it's just a game. DO NOT let the Salt flow through you, contrary to popular belief. Especially if Tom tells you that.

    Observers' Chat:
    While spectators will be fuelling speculation, and dead players will be keen to give valuable "insight" into the game, please refrain from revealing game-changing information (eg. the identities of your fellow Mafia). Speculate, theorise and express bewilderment at dumb plays all you want, but remember that the chat is not leakproof and game-ruining information CAN get out.

    Play to win.
    You should try your best to help your team win while you are alive and in the game. Clearly not playing towards your win objective will be grounds for a modkill and personal ban from me. However, this does not mean that you should try to win by being a jerk to the other players so they all want to quit playing.

    This also means that you cannot leave the game without a good reason. These situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis. PM the host if you need to leave the game.

    You have been warned.

    Voting rules:

    This game uses plurality lynch. Whoever has the most amount of votes by the end of the day will be lynched. In the case of a tie, the person first to reach the amount of votes will be lynched. You must vote at least once every two days or be modkilled. Voting but not posting at all will not spare you from a modkill.

    You may vote for yourself. You may vote for no lynch. You must vote for an alive player in the game. Joke votes(ex. Voting for the host or people not playing) is tolerated. As long as it is not excessive and annoying after a while.

    You vote in the following format ##VOTE: USERNAME. To unvote, simply type ##UNVOTE in the voting thread.

    If you would like access to the Observers Chat, please PM me. Before you do though, I ask that you possibly consider joining the replacements list instead. If you join the Observer Chat, you obviously cannot become a replacement later in the game if needed. You CANNOT share the chat with living players, or any information from it.

    If you have not read all the rules, go back and do so. I will not compensate for ignorance!
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    The sun hung in the clear blue sky and the trees fluttered slightly in the breeze. There was an almost serene silence that felt surreal. It was a beautiful day. The thundering of hooves could be heard off in the distance as the Special Operations Squad made their way into titan territory. They maintained a circular formation, each scout fanning out to protect the centre as they progressed into infested land. Minties and Gandalf were in the front right of the recon formation, the outermost shell of the squad. Their sole duty was to fire red flares into the sky should a titan be sighted and the squad's trajectory would shift to avoid combat. This would avoid fighting with the beasts and minimalise causalities.

    The breeze fluttered through Minties' dark brown hair, pushing it from her face. Her olive green cape, emblazoned with the wings of freedom, billowed off of her shoulders as the horse below her pushed forward. The solid sound of hooves beating against the grass was the only sound interrupting the quiet. She looked over to Gandalf who looked nervous, almost sick, and much unlike his usual boisterous self. "You alright there?" she said, a concerned look creeping onto her face. They had made it through the Training Corps and stuck together. She wanted him to be strong in case anything went wrong. He glanced at her, eyebrows knitted, and sighed. "Yeah I'm just afraid of what will happen if we see one of -" he said, cutting off mid-sentence. His eyes grew large as his shoulders shook. After what seemed like forever, his mouth finally unhinged and he let out a yell "Over there!"

    A titan. It was a titan. A 15 metre titan running straight for them. Its mouth was agape, puddles of drool pouring out of a too-wide smile. Glassy eyes were fixed right on the humans in front of it. "Run!" Minties yelled out, digging her heels into her horse, hoping that it was fast enough. Hands shaking, she rifled through her bag to grab the red flare canister to load it into her gun. The canister slipped through her fingers and fell to the grass with a soft thud. She swore loudly, giving Gandalf a panicked look. Gandalf steadied his shoulders. After all they had been through together, he wasn't going to let them die to a regular titan. "I got this!" he said confidently, pulling the razor sharp swords out of their sheaths that resting on his hips near the rest of his equipment. He fired the grappling hooks attached to his vertical maneuvering equipment, lodging them solidly into the shoulder of the titan and activated the gas to fly towards it. He knew how to handle the equipment and where to slice so the monster would die quickly. A quick and deep slice to the nape of the neck would kill it, but he had to be accurate. He was swinging fast towards the back of the titan, momentum from the gas propelling him back. Gathering his strength, he drove his blades down into the soft flesh on the back of the large neck, cutting outwards. Red, hot blood immediately spurted from the wound and splashed up his legs. The next few seconds seemed to drag on for minutes. The titan was supposed to stop and fall to the ground. It was supposed to be over. A stone of dread filled his stomach as momentum of his body slowed and his hook remained stuck in the titan's arm. He hadn't cut deep enough.

    The titan turned its ghastly grinning face right at Gandalf, grabbing the hook in one large meaty hand. "No no no!" screamed Gandalf, as his world began to spin. The titan was spinning his body on the end of the string with rapid force. The velocity of the spin was bending his body backwards, further than it should ever be able to go. A loud and bone-chilling crack echoed through the meadow as the screaming stopped. The titan was now spinning Gandalf's lifeless body as the sheer force had broken his spine, killing him. Minties watched in horror as she willed her horse to run faster. It was no use as the titan's steps were far too large and it quickly caught up. The next thing she knew, her horse was flying out from under her as Gandalf's body was thrown into it. She sprawled out on the grass, seeing stars. She was sure her bones where broken and the pain throbbed over her entire body. Her horse lay at odd angles, not moving from the sheer force of the blow. Digging her nails into the soft earth, she tried hard to drag herself away, anything to live. Hot tears streamed from her eyes as she braced herself for death. The titan stood over the tiny human, raised its oversized foot, and in one fell swoop, it was quiet again.

    Minties got the boot from life.

    Gandalf's life spun away.

    Town Remaining: ??/??
    Mafia Remaining: ??/??

    Players remaining: 22/22

    Mafia KP = ? (# of mafia/2, rounded up)

    You have 48 hours to decide who to lynch. The player with the most votes at the end of the day will be lynched. Day one ends roughly 2PM AEST time (9:00 PM Pacific Time). Good luck.
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    Where's the voting thread I need to be lynched.

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    Hi everyone

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    Are we going to use the RQS in this game?

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