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Thread: Favourite parts of the game?

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    Favourite parts of the game?

    With a lot of negative threads about the game, I'd love to have a positive one!

    I really like the Desert Island Escape, playing the stalk market, unlocking outfits, and the bug-offs!
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    Seeing my favorite villagers in game, I guess.
    That's about it..
    It's somewhat fun to play it with my brother. But one of us usually consistently rolls 1's & 2's most of time, or lands on negative spaces 12+ times a game
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    Desert Island Escape is a favorite for sure. It's such a cute and unique concept.

    I also really love the Quiz Show and watching the villagers hang out and use pwps on the board game. <3

    Playing the stalk market really adds to the game and using the villagers to roll for you is a cute and handy feature.

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    When the game is over and you shut off the console! LOL

    Really, I like leveling up the amiibo, the minigames are good, but the best is DIE (pretty sure they intended those letters). It's easily the most fun when you play with others, because you're conversing with them, trying to beat them, playing with them, you're up, they're down, they're down, you're up, it's a good roller coaster of emotion for an hour (or more), and that's probably the best part, playing a board game with the family. Of course I grew up in the 80's, we used to play actual board games on Friday nights, so in a way, this brings back the good feelings I had when I was 10.
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