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Thread: Top Reasons why Animal crossing Amiibo Festival Failed?

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    The traditional game was already super awesome. It's not a bad idea to follow the previous games since that's what most buyers liked and enjoyed! But yeah it's nice that Nintendo tried to incorporate new features to make a profit and for people who played animal crossing, but is money more important than the wants of the people? If people don't like it the money might not be all that profitable. I'm not even disappointed in the festival game, I'm more concerned that from all the complaints about festivale the game that they might not continue with the animal crossing series or become less of a priority.. Yeh just a thought though, hope it contributed to the question xD and if anything the amiibos are sweet cx

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    I think it failed because everyone just really wanted a whole new Animal Crossing game instead of some spin off. I think many people said that about HHD too

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitzi_crossing View Post
    I think many people said that about HHD too
    HHD sold significantly well though, and got great reviews.

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    Nearly all the nintendo consoles have had an original AC series game for its generation, and it only makes sense the Wii U was going to get one. Seeing AC Festival only added disappointment to what people were anticipating for.

    AC:HHD is a good successor to a spin off for 2 reasons:
    1. It came out after the ACNL game released, thus it'll be more likely to be appreciated.
    2. It's creativity to customize

    AC: Festival is yet another party game... There's already way too many party clones for the Wii u... Its like.. come on you couldn't think of anything better for a spin off?

    Also, The game requires amiibos, it lacks any competition, and seems rather expensive for lack of content.

    I'm pretty sure this game would've been more appreciated if there was an original AC series game that released before it.
    People really anticipate new features in the next AC game that ACNL could grow from. And if its on the Wii u, the nice new graphics.

    Sigh, well I can only hope this E3 there's a wii u animal crossing for reals :c

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    I think it ultimately failed because it was a terrible use of a spin-off... think of all the things you COULD do with the animal crossing universe and they pick a pitiful attempt at a Mario Party type game and slap the ACNL people on it

    My biggest gripe is you don't really DO anything with this game... all you do is slap your amiibo down to roll a dice and BAM! gameplay.... not really

    I guess I can't really talk, I don't own this game, but Ive watched game plays on Youtube and thats what I got from that.

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    1) Cash grab with poorly selling Amiibo that stores can't even get rid of
    2) A literal game about nothing
    3) A party game that should have been FREE


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    While I do agree with others that the need for amiibos and the price are iffy, as a giant amiibo fan, it wasn't a big deal to me.

    I actually really like the game quite a bit, I think that the best thing that they could have done would be to just have slightly more strategy. My suggestion would be to combine the mini games as part of the board game, so that you have some variety and challenge. Other than that though, I actually like the game a fair bit!! It also would have been nice to have slightly more villager interaction, like maybe being able to pick a top ten of the villagers you've entered into the plaza-y area to be your villagers on the board, that could be fun too!!

    But overall, it's a little laidback, but it's pretty fun in my opinion.
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    I have the game and can enjoy playing it for a while, but I do think that it was not what people wanted.

    It's fairly pricey for what it is. At $70 CAD (?) it felt like a lot (but then again, you also get 2 amiibos and 3 cards, so almost half the price is the accessories). Still, the game requires little to no effort.

    I think it really failed because it's viewed as a money-grab and Nintendo's efforts at selling amiibos and cards as necessary accessories to the game.

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    People wanted to see a legit AC HD game rather than another board game tbh.....and I think im one of those people honestly.

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    -Need the figures + the game price
    -No one wanted this game

    HHD at least was a bit creative and a fun little 3DS title.

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