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Thread: Its Actually Pretty Good, Half of it...

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    Thumbs down Its Actually Pretty Good, Half of it...

    This game is pretty fun with family, well... the plaza part. The board game is boring, takes to long and bland.

    I only like the plaza because all my amiibo cards can join in and have a party. So yeah, I just wanted to say that.
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    I agree, the board game aspect of it seems really boring to me.

    As I said in a previous post, the mini-games are somewhat fun, though some are really short.

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    You two must be playing alone, you get 3 more people with you, and the interaction you have with them and the game, the luck aspect of not knowing who's going to win, and if their strategy with turnips- or yours, pays off or not, this is quite a fun and interactive game with the people in the room. Yes, it's like playing in 1999 with no internet, but still, this game was meant to play together with people, that's why individual has to get 3 robot players. It's also more fun if you play with non-Animal Crossing fans, because all this is new to them, and when they see these animals for the first time, they're going to be led to possibly get into the series since this is an insanely simple game, WAY more simple than any other game in the series (all you do is tap an amiibo and tap the touchpad/A).
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    I sorta like the board game, but I think it would be a lot more fun if they combined the mini games and the board game so there was more challenge and excitement to the board game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buttonsy View Post
    I sorta like the board game, but I think it would be a lot more fun if they combined the mini games and the board game so there was more challenge and excitement to the board game.
    I completely agree.

    The game is definitely meant to be played with people. The board game does get more entertaining when you also add the villagers rolling for you option. That plus the stalk market adds more elements to the game. :3

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