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Thread: Who is your favorite/least favorite villager from each species?

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    Alligator: Boots/Alli
    Anteater: Antonio/Annalisa
    Bear: Teddy/Charlise
    Bird: Admiral and Jacques/Midge
    Bull: Stu/T-Bone
    Cat: None/Rosie
    Cow: Norma/Naomi
    Cub: Aisle/Barold
    Deer: Erik/Beau
    Dog: Walker, Biskit, and Bones/Cherry
    Duck: Scoot/Gloria
    Eagle: Apollo/Amelia
    Elephant: Dizzy/Eloise
    Frog: Henry and Tad/Diva
    Goat: Kidd/Velma
    Gorilla: Hans/Rilla
    Hamster: Holden and Clay/Soleil
    Horse: Clyde/Julian
    Kangaroo: Rooney/Sylvia
    Koala: Gonzo/Canberra
    Lion: Elvis/Lionel
    Monkey: Simon and Champ/Elise
    Mouse: Chadder/Bella
    Octopus: Inkwell/Zucker
    Ostrich: Julia/Queenie
    Penguin: Wade/Flo
    Pig: Boris/Pancetti
    Rabbit: Hopkins/Tiffany
    Sheep: Woolio/Muffy
    Squirrel: Filbert/Hazel
    Tiger: Leonardo/Claudia
    Wolf: Torou/Lobo.

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    Alligator: drago/liz
    Anteater: annalisa/olaf
    Bear: chow/beardo
    Bird: twiggy/anchovy
    Bull: rodeo/coach
    Cat: katt/rudy
    Chicken: rhoda/ken
    Cow: naomi/petunia
    Cub: pekoe/barold
    Deer: fauna/bam
    Dog: bow/cherry
    Duck: scoot/maelle
    Eagle: avery/keaton
    Elephant: tia/paolo
    Frog: jeremiah/jambette
    Goat: nan/gruff
    Gorilla: boone/al
    Hamster: flurry/rodney
    Horse: colton/buck
    Kangaroo: mathilda/walt
    Koala: alice/eugene
    Lion: leopold/mott
    Monkey: tammi/flip
    Mouse: bree/chico
    Octopus: octavian/marina
    Ostrich: nindori/sandy
    Penguin: sprinkle/analogue
    Pig: hambo/chops
    Rabbit: snake/gaston
    Sheep: muffy/cashmere
    Squirrel: peanut/hazel
    Tiger: bianca/rowan
    Wolf: kyle/freya

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    Alligator: Alfonso
    Anteater: Olaf
    Bear: Paula
    Bird: Anchovy
    Bull: Vick
    Cat: Felicity
    Chicken: Ava
    Cow: Patty
    Cub: Pudge
    Deer: Beau
    Dog: Benjamin
    Duck: Deena
    Eagle: Avery
    Elephant: Margie
    Frog: Croque
    Goat: Velma
    Gorilla: Al
    Hamster: Graham
    Hippo: Bubbles
    Horse: Colton
    Kangaroo: Kitt
    Koala: Canberra
    Lion: Mott
    Monkey: Tammi
    Mouse: Rizzo (worst villager of all time)
    Octopus: I love all cephalopods and there needs to be more imo, so I will not pick a worst.
    Ostrich: Gladys
    Penguin: Flo
    Pig: Peggy
    Rabbit: Genji
    Rhino: Rhonda
    Sheep: Frita
    Squirrel: Sheldon
    Tiger: I don't think any tiger stands out as particularly bad
    Wolf: Fang
    Mayor Yuck!!! of Yukville

    Villagers: Bob, Drago, Epona, Ganon, Jambette, Julian, Kidd, Poncho, Sylvia, Tiffany (WIP)

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    this is going to be fun!

    favourite/least favourite

    Alligator: Drago/Gayle
    Anteater: Antonio/Zoe
    Bear: Ursula/Chow
    Bird: Jitters/Twiggy
    Bull: Stu/Vic
    Cat: Felicity/Monique ( this was really hard since I had to choose between Felicity, Rosie, Stinky and Merry ; n ; )
    Cow: Patty/Naomi
    Cub: Cheri/Stitches ( again, REALLY HARD. i love most cub villagers so i don't even hate stitches )
    Deer: Fauna/Lopez ( I didn't wanna be generic and say Diana is my favorite, heh )
    Dog: Bones/Marcel
    Duck: Mallary/Gloria
    Eagle: Apollo/Quetzal
    Elephant: Margie/Paolo
    Frog: Lili/Diva OR Gigi ( i actually hate a lot of the frogs since their designs are so annoying )
    Goat: Chevre/Billy
    Gorilla: Violet/Rocket ( I HATE ALL GORILLAS I THINK )
    Hamster: Apple/Holden
    Horse: Winnie/Clyde
    Kangaroo: Marcy/Walt
    Koala: Melba/Gonzo
    Lion: Leopold/Lionel
    Monkey: Monty/Elise
    Mouse: Bree/Candi
    Octopus: Marina/Inkwell
    Ostrich: Gladys/Cranston
    Penguin: Sprinkle/Gwen
    Pig: Gala/Chops
    Rabbit: Ruby OR Cole/Snake
    Sheep: Etoile/Pietro ( i have nightmares over him )
    Squirrel: Peanut/Viche
    Tiger: Bianca/Rowan
    Wolf: Kyle/Wolfgang

    this was so tiring to do and really really hard because i couldn't decide between which villagers i liked and disliked (except pietro. i have nightmares.)
    i have special feelings for some species as well, like the deer, hamster, squirrel and sheep villagers since they all seem to be really cute!
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    ooh this sounds fun:

    Alligator: Alfonso/Del
    Anteater: Lulu/Annalisa
    Bear: Groucho/Ursala
    Bird: Piper/Admiral
    Bull: Verdun/Rodeo
    Cat: Lolly/Monique
    Cow: Patty/Naomi
    Cub: Stitches/Vladimir
    Deer: Erik/Fuchsia
    Dog: Biskit/Cherry
    Duck: Derwin/Gloria
    Eagle: Amelia/Frank
    Elephant: Eloise/Axel
    Frog: Jeremiah/Croque
    Goat: Kidd/Velma
    Gorilla: Boone/Hans
    Hamster: Flurry/Rodney
    Horse: Epona/Roscoe
    Kangaroo: Carrie/Astrid
    Koala: Huggy/Gonzo
    Lion: Lionel/Rory
    Monkey: Simon/Tammi
    Mouse: Carmen/Greta
    Octopus: Zucker/Inkwell
    Ostrich: Blanche/Nindori
    Penguin: Roald/Wade
    Pig: Peggy/Chops
    Rabbit: Ruby/Cole
    Sheep: Wendy/Timbra
    Squirrel: Sally/Hazel
    Tiger: Bianca/Rowan
    Wolf: Kyle/Lobo

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