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Thread: Coverage of Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival news on Animal Crossing World

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    Coverage of Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival news on Animal Crossing World

    As the news partner of The Bell Tree Forums, the latest news and other information for Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival and the associated amiibo cards will be covered on Animal Crossing World.

    In this thread you'll find quick links to all of our articles on the game and new articles will be posted in here as they go up. Thanks for reading and I hope to see some of you over at the site!

    Articles from Animal Crossing World:

    Animal Crossing Director Aya Kyogoku on amiibo Festival: “Honestly, we just wanted Animal Crossing amiibo”

    Animal Crossing Director Aya Kyogoku discusses what’s next for the series as well as Happy Home Designer and amiibo

    Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival might have an Island Escape mode, it’s not just a board game

    Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival party game announced for Wii U with amiibo this holiday

    A closer look at the eight Animal Crossing amiibo figures coming this holiday

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