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Thread: What's Bothering You?

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    the mental health care system Lmao also my brain

    de gräver i parken och frosten i marken blir ett försvar
    och vid hörnet av kyrkan där järnvägen går har de spärrat av
    någon ligger i gräset med frostiga kläder, så stilla och vit
    och blåljusen blinkar, tänk vad man kan göra med en liten kniv
    och jag vet inte varför men jag återvänder alltid hit
    det var väl något vi gjorde, något vi sa här som förändrade mitt liv

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    I don't have BoTW...
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    lmao 3/8 sleepless nights done before I'm temporarily free from school work
    I went to school this morning literally shaking bc I was so tired aaahaha
    (actually I do go to sleep but like, 3 hours of sleep so eh)

    ALSO don't host an event while inviting a lot of participants when you can't find the manpower to handle it lol, idc how successful the event is going to look with more participants, not everyone can give their time for that event bc of prior commitments so stop forcing them to and dragging these people into helping out in manpower

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    like ok sure I said yes to the event in the first place but I didn't expect the workload I had this week and I want to back out but I can't anymore bc of lack in manpower, plus I heard from a friend that they said they weren't going but for some reason was placed under manpower so now they're kinda forced to go...... ? hm wonder what contingency plan they have in case any one of us in manpower gets sick or doesn't go or something
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    Good news is I got an 80% on my exam today that involved a lot of memorizing rather than actual applicable knowledge. Bad news is that I now have no mental energy to spare, am stuck here until 6:25 PM, and have two assignments due tonight.
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    Raskell is bothering me. He posts way too much! Fortunately, he's not posting too much today.

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    cramps and muscle pains... at the same time... in the same place

    i can't escape

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost Soda View Post
    I don't have BoTW...
    i have BoTW

    we're missing the console to play it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Locket View Post
    cramps and muscle pains... at the same time... in the same place

    i can't escape

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    i have BoTW

    we're missing the console to play it...
    So close, yet also so far.


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    I'm getting tired of being there for people all the time when they can't even be there for me.
    I'm not asking for much but it'd just be nice if you could listen through the whole thing and show signs that you're actually listening instead of texting other people on your phone and it'd also be nice if you gave input without suddenly making the entire thing about your own problems.

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    i wana play nier----
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Message: <3
    i've been feeling very disconnected to the world recently
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