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Thread: What's Bothering You?

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    What's Bothering You?

    Welcome to the new What's Bothering You thread!

    With the reopening of this thread, I expect a few rules to be followed.
    ~ No discussing someone elses suspension/infraction. You're more than welcome to talk about your own
    ~ There is no need to express your annoyance about other members on the forum. If you have a problem with someone you need to PM them and resolve the issue or talk to a moderator.
    ~ Trolls/spam posts and argument ensuing posts need to be reported. Failure to report may lead to the thread getting out of hand and eventually closed again
    ~ Vent all about your day and experiences as long as you're not belittling anyone else and if you choose to respond to another members post BE RESPECTFUL

    I'm going to make myself very clear here: This is the forums second...and last chance with this kind of thread. Do your best to maintain civility in this thread if you wish to see it kept open. Thank you!

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    my a$$ hurts

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    Yay! Thanks Kaiaa, even though, I never did actually ask you...

    My finger hurts, and my legs asleep. I'm so sleepy, but I have dishes to wash.
    Something is happening outside..
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    I feel like im growing kaneki's kagune because my back hurts like ****

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiaa View Post
    Welcome to the new What's Bothering You thread!
    ~ Vent all about your day and experiences as long as you're not belittling anyone else and if you choose to respond to another members post BE RESPECTFUL
    so we can't talk about bosses, teachers, friends, whomever?

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    Thanks, Kaiaa!


    My stomach hurts.

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    I need a quesadilla and a nap.

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    I have too many Fall out boy, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, and Sleeping with Sirens songs stuck in my head and they're all clashing.

    I love these bands to pieces but.... when you have certain portions of certain songs from each of them.... yeah..

    wake me up inside

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    I'm stressed about my project due tomorrow.

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