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Thread: What's Bothering You?

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    I'm livid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pop-tart View Post

    I'm livid

    Wtf??? Who does that??? Sorry that’s happening, I’d be livid too tbh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maycee View Post
    Wtf??? Who does that??? Sorry that’s happening, I’d be livid too tbh...
    I know right?? Some people are so terribly difficult and I have no patience for it :\

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    There are too many unknowns in my life right now and it is very scary.
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    1. i talked with the counselor and she was like: "these years are gonna fly by! you gotta know now!!!" she was talking about electives and all that gotta take a ton of credits and crap like that eeeee im not ready for high school

    2. my crushes dog got put down and he was crying all day and I FEEL SO BAD
    like idek this dog, i didnt even know he had a dog but i feel bad for him

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    I don't understand 'these years will go so quickly' to be honest, and similar things most adults say. I am now borderline 15, and i started getting told a lot of this stuff when I was like,,, 11, right? well guess-****in'-what? these years have not flown by, stop lying to straight up k thanks like, i've spent the past 4 years of my life in some really bad, not normal, situations that i wouldn't ever wish on anybody and adults are just spending so much time down playing how much im struggling?? like sure it was all fun and games when kids at school started to tell me to kms, and it was just so funny when i got attacked, but when i act out IM the one doing wrong? and when I was in hospital because of all of this, it was somehow me whisking it up to seem like something bigger? I think that really annoys me because,,, yes. I am a kid. we get it, most kids are immature etc, but why in the name of good god would i make up what i was dealing with?? Teachers will spend all their times preaching how these are some of the quickest and best years of your life, but they can't go slower when you struggle to make friends, when you LOSE all your goddamn friends, and you slip from the top of your year to below average because bullying gets bad and nobody cares.

    At some point I'll probably make a long spoiler post about my absolute unfathomable hate for the school system because it just makes me so mad

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    oh yeah,it's also been a couple of weeks since my mama literally smashed up my computer + the moniter and she is STILL refusing to pay to get me a new computer, she wont even consider it like,,, I AM 14. How does she expect me to pay for that myself, exactly? Because I NEED to find a way to get my own computer, I have exams to do, I'm in year 10 now lol like???????????

    It makes me so angry every time I think about it I just wanna cry like???? I don't get how she doesn't see that she was so in the wrong there

    i'm sick of losing soulmates...
    so where do we begin?

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I hope you had tons of fun!
    God, Mom. You can be so annoying.

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    really conflicted

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    My index finger is slightly swollen from catching it on the sewing machine yesterday :/

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    starting to gain some weight rip, research essay, speech outline to write, another essay due tmrw, gotta schedule a meeting with my councelor, group project coming up, another research essay topic coming up as well

    :'))))))) I want to die fml

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