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Thread: Flight Rising General Thread [Registration: 8/15 - 8/20]

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    i love refreshing the kelp beds 8000 times to fight one of those damn stingrays

    i'll whip up a trick!

    FR lair

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    Quote Originally Posted by gyro View Post
    i love refreshing the kelp beds 8000 times to fight one of those damn stingrays
    same-- i got a mammertee familiar to drop at least tho, so i quit kelp beds and traded somebody for that whale instead...

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    as also posted elsewhere-- I'm teetering between selling/trading these off (which ive been trying to do) or just becoming a hoarder bc they so byootiful.... Behold my wall of whales!

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    sadly, dem whales is all gone now except for singles of each for my bestuary / lair.

    i still have an extra candy cockatrice, and still need a pangolin racer though--
    anybody want to trade??

    EDIT-- sniped the pangolin racer from MP, dont need the trade.

    still have the extra cockatrice tho is anybody needs one.

    managed to get 15 of the 16 new coloring contest familiars so far, just need the patina pangolin (may coliseum this weekend for the metal claws for that swap, but crikey i spent like forty-five minutes in Arena last weekend and only picked up like 4 freaking sets of those claws...)

    i don't recall seeing everyone go this crazy before over new familiars in the Marketplace...
    i got lucky over the weekend and sniped 6 of those popular blackline whales at shop price;
    i traded 1 to somebody for the swipp ashen whale that otherwise woulda required me to beat like ten kelp bed bosses (or more) to get the swap,
    i traded another 1 along with an aurora pangoilin to somebody for that arcane inscribed pangolin that requires all the pango meat drops for swipp (i havent reached level 32 hunting yet),
    then i was fortunate enough to sell the 3 remaining extra whales for enough return to cover my costs of all the other new contest fams i bought plus it covered a chunk of the cost of a golden kitsune!

    i do think tho, that there are some people using code scripts / bots to snipe marketplace stuff, what do you guys think?
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    Beware... The Night the Halloween Candy Ran Out in Silver...

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