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Thread: Flight Rising General Thread [Registration: 8/15 - 8/20]

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    Nice dragons everyone! Especially the eye burners <3 I love those kinds of dragons!
    There was a xxx radioactive palindrome dragon that was hatched once, but another palindrome collector got to it before me :')
    Their siblings were still for sale by the time I tracked down the person that hatched it, all for a pretty cheap price too, but they weren't palindromes so I didn't get them. Someday though...I'll get a palindrome eye burner.

    Haven't really been doing much over their lately. Just playing the fairgrounds to save up for a lair expansion or for any nice UMAs that get rejected in RoR

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    Good I'm not around for RoR.. I love that they allow the holiday yet you can only do like strawberry bone derg skins or muscle tissues. I say since that haywire a few years ago some have been better though

    Mayor Sheila of Jungle ~ Timezone GMT+1/2

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    I'm so excited for tapir gene which should be coming out this month, just imagine a tree dragon with tapir! what a beauty that would be

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Dorado View Post
    hey everyone, i've got some Flight Rising stuff that i can give anyone interested in exchange for tbt bells:

    --prismatic token
    --set of the FR 1st Anniversary cakes
    --maybe my unopened Swashbuckler's seaspray apparel bundle
    --Spring vista
    --complete set of snake apparel
    --compete set of frog/toad companion apparel
    --six of the elemental tomes (arcane, light, fire, shadow, wind, ice)

    let me know if youre interested, and i'll work up a price (or feel free to vm/pm me). i don't use an exchange rate; rather, i try to weigh the relative rarity and usefulness of the item within FR in comparison to an item/collectible of similar rarity at Belltree Forums to come up with a fair tbt price.

    anybody interested in any cool FR stuff? anyone??
    (i have a thread for this also on the TBT Marketplace board....)


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