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Thread: Flight Rising General Thread [Registration: 8/15 - 8/20]

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    Quote Originally Posted by JellyLu View Post
    Thank ya kindly~ I don't know if there's an achievement or not o: I just wanted a complete set for the heck of it. If there is an achievement I'll let you know!
    ok! i think i saw older members saying they expect an achievement to get added for it whenever they next revamp the achievements, fwiw. i think ive got like 7 out of 11 of those. i think i only need 2 of the dolls tho to have a complete set.


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    I've had all of those for a while and there's no achievement for em :l

    On the topic of the dolls though, does anyone need the Plague one? I have 2 extra and still need Arcanist, Flamecaller, Windsinger, Gladekeeper, and Tidelord

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