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Thread: Flight Rising General Thread [Registration: 8/15 - 8/20]

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    *peeks out of the shadows*

    Happy Mistral ^^

    My wind subspecies wish everyone a happy fest!

    Ofc the one accent I really want is only from brewing v.v
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    here's my favorite scry of that G1 i hatched on my birthday (tert stays basic o nthis one). Lawd knows when i woukd have enuf gems to make it happen tho:

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    ^ Good luck! That's one pretty looking derg. I still haven't gened up my b-day derg yet, and she's moslty baldwin/tr MP genes, only gem thing I need for her is a coatl scroll. Lol I have just not been managing my currency well lately.

    I made a new FR sig to go along with the dragon/vista combo I always use and will return to using after the festival week is through (rn its my wind rep with the new fest vista).

    How's it look? Any critiques? He's designed/named after the cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland, which is why he's disappearing.

    Would anyone like a drawing of one of their dragons? I could really use the practice. Though depending on the apparel, skin/accent, and dragon breed I can't really say how well it'll turn out @w@

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