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Thread: What's the last movie you've seen?

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    Call Girl (2012)

    Great Swedish movie, watch it.

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    Call Girl (2012)

    Great Swedish movie, watch it.

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    last movie i've seen in theaters was "spider-man: homecoming" i believe

    last movie i watched at home was "pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest" which was about two days ago c:
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    The last movie I saw in theaters was the new IT movie, they made some changes I thought were a little weird but I was really happy with how like...violent it was? It was just a lot more true to how horrific Pennywise was as a monster who literally ate children, something that didn't come across as well (understandably) in the made for TV movie.

    The last movie I tried to watch at home was Battlefield Earth, because it's supposed to be the worst movie ever and I like to watch terrible movies with my brother (he is a film student). Our streaming service wasn't working though, it lagged too much, but it was definitely living up to its reputation as a terrible garbage fire.
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    Amélie. It was fantastic.

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    Sing. It wasn't too bad.

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    The new "American Made" movie.
    I love the types of movies like these, especially when it comes to flying airplanes.
    The ending really suprised me, but I shouldnt be since its a true story.

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