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Thread: Welcome To The Forums: Here's Your Roadmap!

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    Hey I'm new here to visit this gathering i believe that is truly intriguing for us and have been searching for other individuals who play this diversion. For all its notoriety I live in a territory where I scarcely see anybody playing amusements of any sort in addition to Animal Crossing.
    i think i am right this forum is very interesting.

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    Hey. I just joined today and thinks this community is already one I will enjoy. Thanks for all those who assist in it's daily functions and everyone who is a member! I'm happy

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    i like peanuts

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    Hey to the new guys posting here.
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    joined today and still a newb to AC:NL since I got the game for Christmas... but I'm glad I found this place to get connected to other players and their towns ^^

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    I am new to this forum. I have looked through some of the threads and I want to thank all of you that do so much to help all of us. I look forward to meeting new people, that love AC:NL too!!!

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    Helloooo new people!

    Spoiler alert, gray names are ghosts... you'll find out about that soon enough OOOAAAOOOAA
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    Hi, I am new here. I used to play Animal Crossing Wild World but I finally managed to buy a 3DS. So here I am playing one of my fav games again. I hope this is a forum with lots of nice people since I am always afraid that I post in the wrong topics, so sorry in advance if I do, hehe. Also, English is not my native language ( I am Dutch ) so feel free to correct my grammar, I don't mind if you do. So yea, I hope there are a lot of enthusiastic people out here who want to play and trade online a lot ^^ !

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    *looks around excited*
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    Hiya I'm new and I have Marshal for whoever wants one

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