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Thread: The Information Desk: Ask questions about the site here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trundle View Post
    Can the site be configured with HTTPS?
    Myself and others have asked about this before and it doesn't appear to be something that they currently see as important. This bothers me as, depending on the host, it can be set up for free in a just a few minutes with Let's Encrypt and I doubt it'll be too long before the need for encryption is taken even more seriously than it currently is.

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    So um, are the villagers on the banners the staff's favorites or were they just chosen randomly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flare View Post
    So um, are the villagers on the banners the staff's favorites or were they just chosen randomly?
    I picked two of my favorites. I was going to list more, but I didn't want to flood the banner and poor Laudine.

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