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Thread: Greeting Animal Crossing Players

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    Greeting Animal Crossing Players

    Hey everyone. I sadly do not have this game yet.....BUT.....I will be getting it very SOON! I can't wait! Although I have only played the Game Cube game only a few times, I loved WILD WORLD! I can't wait to play this game and hopefully make new friends on the board as well as going to their towns

    Once I do get this game (should be by the end of this week - mid next week) I will post my town, name, and FC so we can start playing together! (I am fairly new to the Wii) - (I also own a 360)

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    Greeting Animal Crossing Players

    Cool, hope to see ya around the forums. Welcome.

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    Greeting Animal Crossing Players

    Ok, welcome to the forums.
    Hedeby is an island nation near the country of Sweden.
    We also have a smaller island, Hedestad. We are a very proud people.
    A unified Korea is part of our goal, we have very strong connections to the South Korean people.
    Our Queen Alis hopes you enjoy your stay on the island; don't stay for too long, or you might never leave.

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    Greeting Animal Crossing Players

    welcome, lman.

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    Greeting Animal Crossing Players

    Welcome to our lovely establishment!

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