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Thread: Ask AC:NL Questions here! (Please read before posting here or making a new thread!)

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    Ask AC:NL Questions here! (Please read before posting here or making a new thread!)

    New to The Bell Tree? Ask your simple questions here, and please do not create a new thread for them!

    We're talking things like "How do I unlock Super T&T?" that can easily be answered in one post. If your question is more debatable and may not easily be answered in one post, go ahead and create a new thread at your own judgement! We aren't against new threads, just the ones which are answered in one post and it's over.

    Additionally, there's a good chance your question has already been answered in this thread. Please look below and/or try using the Search Thread function in the top right. Enter what you're looking for in there and a post which has previously answered it may come up.

    To clarify, nobody expects you to read every page (which is why I will be trying to keep this updated with many of the questions so please at least read the entire first page) but trying a quick search is appreciated by many.


    Now, onto the questions that have been answered thus far!:

    Can I send bells to a friend?
    Depends on your definition of "send'--you can give bells to a friend though through the usual dropping bells mechanic (or mailing it to them while in their town).

    Can I design a flag for my village?

    Can I get bells fast?
    Significantly faster once you get access to the island. Bugs there at night and sharks can sell for lots of Bells.

    How long does it take me to get a normal home?
    At least a day--depends on how hard you work, but it's a day minimum.

    Is it easy to catch a fish or a bug?
    Depends on the person! Rarer Bugs/Fish will be harder than more common ones.

    How many letters can I name my town or village?
    6 in Japan, 8 for North America and PAL regions. Not sure how many in Korea (I would guess 6, but don't know for sure). As a quick note, because of the character limit in Japan, this means if your town name or character name is longer than 6 characters, they will not be able to search for you through Dream Suite

    How many items can I carry in my pocket?

    How to open new stores?
    Short version is spend lots of bells in each store. That is how Shampoodle and Kicks' open. DJ K.K.'s Club will be opened after you help Dr. Shrunk with his petition, Dream Suite can be built after it's suggested by Isabelle (about a week), and Katrina is the only overly complicated one as you need to get her to tell fortunes in your town 20 times (Only characters that live in your town count--and only getting fortunes from your town).

    How to upgrade stores?
    This is basically just time-related along with buying a lot. All the Nookling's expansions except the last one involve spending a certain amount of bells in the shop and a certain amount of time passing. The last one has a bonus requirement of having to pass Gracie's fashion check 4 times (and she only shows up after you have spent a certain about in the Nookling shop). Shampoodle's requires 2 weeks after you get a hair cut once for new eye colors and 14 hair cuts to unlock hairstyles for the opposite gender.

    Can I sell items to other players?

    How can I share clothes designs with my friends?
    There's a QR machine, that allows you to share it through a QR code. Or you can put them for display in the Able Sisters and have them grab it from the display.

    Can I work as a mayor & work at the coffee shop?

    Can I drop any amount of bells I want to my friend?
    You can drop as many bags as you want, but each bag can only hold a maximum of 99,000 bells. Similarly, you can't drop less than 100 bells. It'll always end in 00--you can't drop like 101 or 1,502 or etc.

    Can I cut down trees just to build my house?
    Yes. You can place your house over trees.

    How many levels can I build my house?
    2 (though, kind of 3 if you count the basement as "1").

    Can I change my ID?
    The picture in it, yes.

    How can I heal myself from bee stings?
    Save & Quit or Use medicine bought from Nook's.

    How long does it take to build my house?
    A day.

    How many rooms are there per level?
    One floor on the top level, 4 rooms on the middle level, 1 room in the basement.

    There's different house types?!
    Once you have at least the upstairs and one of each of the main floor rooms, you can change your "cottage-style" mansion into either a Zen Mansion, a Modern Mansion, or a Castle.

    Are they any different on the inside?
    Nope, it just changes the outside.

    Can I open an Bank Account?
    You get one automatically

    Can you go to the island anytime and does it get dark or is it forever sunny?
    Yep! You can go to the island at anytime. It does get dark and follows the same time cycle--the season just never changes and the weather there can vary.

    Does anyone know where all of the island minigames are listed, if they are listed anywhere?

    Can you toss letters inside?
    As long as you read it, yes.

    How do you get a stump with a special shape?
    It seems to be random with the Normal Axe, but the Silver Axe will always create a special stump. Gold Axes are also random, but have a higher chance than normal.

    What do you have to do to unlock the island, or swimming?
    Payment of the 39,800 bell loan to pay off your first house (after the tent) triggers access to the island--Tortimer will essentially show up the next day (Isabelle will tell you where to meet him) and tell you about it and the day after that, Kapp'n will be at the dock. To unlock swimming, you need to get a Marine Suit! You can rent one on the island or buy one from the Island with Medals when there's one up for sale.

    Is there an auction house in the game?
    No. You can put up stuff for sale in Re-Tail though for villagers or friends who stop by to buy.

    I will likely not know anyone who will play this game, is there any bad repercussions to that? What stuff can one do via WFC?
    If you're talking about streetpass, then probably not many streetpass homes. Plus the items through StreetPass + the badge. As for what you can do online... Visit each others town (obviously :P), go to Main Street, go to the island, play mini games, etc.

    What are the penalties for Time Traveling?
    Beautiful Town counteracts most of the usual issues (weeds, cockroaches, flowers dying), but there's still the risk of villagers moving out plus your character's hair will be a mess if you skip more than 2 weeks.

    What are mayor points/the approval rating and how do you get them?
    Pretty much on your second day when you boot up your game, Shizue/Isabelle tells you to meet her at the town hall. She tells you that before you can start doing stuff as mayor, you should prove yourself to the villagers by doing things to help make the town nice/get the villagers' approval. She wants you to earn 100 points by doing things for the villagers (favors, running errands, sending letter), making the town beautiful by watering flowers, changing the town tune and flag, etc. Pretty much the basic beginning stuff, but rather than a set few things you have to do, it is more open ended.

    I know there is a waterfall going down to the ocean... but are there waterfalls going to the river from one of the sides?

    Does anyone know how to make a specific Snowperson?
    Snowmam, Snowboy, Snowman, Snowtyke

    How big is the Dress patterns? And for the picture board things you can put around town for people to take pictures with, do you pick from set designs or can you actually draw a design for one? Also, How big are the designs for the museum exhibits? Also how big are the other patterns/sleeves?
    Dress Patterns are 32x48, you get to draw a design for the Faceboards, and Museum exhibit designs are 32x32. For reference, all regular patterns are still 32x32, long sleeves are 16x32, and short sleeves are 16x16.

    Can you move your house after you place it?

    How can you change how your Train Station looks?
    Have 100 visitors to your town

    100 different towns or could you visit the same town 100 times?
    It's people visiting you--not you visiting others! It can be different people or the same person. Visiting through a Dream doesn't count.

    What are the HHA Rewards?
    10,000 points: HRA T-Shirt
    20,000 points: Academy Flag
    30,000 points: HRA Jacket
    50,000 points: Silver Trophy
    70,000 points: Gold Trophy
    90,000 points: Big Silver Trophy
    100,000 points: Big Gold Trophy

    Then after this point you get access to golden exterior house items;
    300,000 points: Golden Roof
    500,000 points: Golden wall
    700,000 points: Golden door
    900,000 points: Golden fence
    1,000,000 points: Golden post

    Can fruit on the island only be found in Palm Trees?
    Besides the Palm trees, there are also normal trees on the island. The Palm Trees will have either Bananas or Coconuts while the normal trees will have Mangos, Durians, Lychees, or Lemons.

    Can Island Fruit be perfect/delicious?
    Nope--just the normal town fruits: Apples, Orange, Pears, Cherries, and Peaches

    Can you only get Perfect/Delicious Fruit with fertilizer?
    No. When you start your game, a random tree will have one random perfect fruit to start. Planting it will cause a perfect fruit tree to grow. You can use fertilizer to get a perfect fruit from a regular tree to grow incase you sold the starting one though.

    Can I only grow my native Perfect Fruit?
    Yep. So if your town has Oranges, you can only grow Perfect Oranges. Planting other perfect fruits will make them bloom into normal fruit trees. Fertilizer does not change this.

    Does the Sun rise at all during Winter Solstice?

    Does the island only have one type of fruit and how much does it sell for?
    The island has two types of fruit, the 'tree fruit' (either mangos, durians, lemons, or lychees) and 'palm fruit' (either bananas or coconuts) - they all sell for 250 bells.

    If you go to another town with different island fruit and take it back to your town where can you plant it?
    It follows the usual rules with planting trees so anywhere that doesn't violate those issues.

    How does your inventory on the island work?
    Your inventory empties when you go to the island, but you can get your tools from the Gyroid on the island. Anything you get from the island (fish, bugs, fruit etc) can be placed in BOX. There is one on the dock where you can pick up anything you put in it so you can get all your items you obtained from the island. Anything left in your pockets when you start a Mini Game/Tour or leave the island will be gone.

    How is delicious fruit different from normal fruit?
    Sells for 6x the price and looks different.

    Because your inventory empties does that mean its gone as in you won't get it back or does it restore when you come back to your town?
    Inventory is restored when you return to town.

    By anywhere does that mean you can plant like mangos or bananas on the actual town grounds? I thought it was just the beach.
    Mangos, Durians, Lemons, Lychees, and Persimmons are planted in town. Bananas and Coconuts are planted on the beach.

    Can you bring things from your town to the island or can you only bring things back?
    You can only bring things back, but you can bring your swimsuit with you if you wear it when you go to the island.

    Is possible to plant trees on the island?

    Can you take things from the mini-games? Like flowers and fruit?
    You can take anything that isn't required in the minigame you are in. The only exception is the Garden tour which lets you keep any flowers in your pocket when the game ends despite being part of the gameplay.

    What color options are there for the kitchen and bathroom-related stuff when you take it to R. Parkers?
    Varies per furniture piece.

    Is the first bridge in your town always a Stone Bridge?

    Do you get every type of fruit on your island?
    Nope. You start off with 2 fruits--one Palm tree fruit and one normal tree fruit.

    How are public works unlocked?
    Some are there form the start, some need requirements, most you will get a villager coming up to you asking you to build one.

    Once a villager asks for it, can you make as many as you want (theoretically) afterwards? Or is it you can only make them when asked?
    You can't necessarily make as many as you want as some public works have certain limits to how many of it you can build. Similarly, you can only have 30 public works built overall (not counting facilities like the Police Station or things on Main Street). Villagers will only suggest a project one though so once it's suggested, you do not need to worry about another villager suggesting the same thing. It'll also always be on your list from then on (although, you may not be able to see it if you can't build anymore of it).

    When a villager asks me to build something; will it be like one of the 'talk options' as when they ask you a fossil or bug so you can either answerd [i've got your bug / build your building] & [normal talk] & [nothing, leave]?
    Nope--it'll be suggested with one of their "pings" where they get excited and run over to you and start going back and forth all happy to talk to you.

    What is the noise at this point in the video?
    A Theremin instrument. It's an instrument based on movement.

    (see above video) What about the person inside the house? How does that work?
    Randomly when visiting a Dream Village, the owner of the house may be inside one of the rooms randomly instead of roaming around outside.

    If I were to place a pattern on the ground then store the pattern slot at the Able Sisters' and replace the pattern slot with a new pattern, would the pattern placed on the ground change?
    Yes, the pattern on the ground would change.

    How many exterior house styles and themes are there? Also, if I select the house style to the right of the entrance, can I still use the themed pieces or am I stuck using the look of the style (ie, can I have a gingerbread castle or a mermaid castle or is the castle always brick)?
    There's a fairly large amount of them. You can mix and match with the theme/style.

    Does anyone know where I can find a full list of furniture with images?
    MoriDB or this site.

    Is there any photo list of town map variety anywhere?

    I heard that you can't plant another town's delicious fruit in your own. Is that true?
    50/50. You can plant another towns delicious fruit in your town, but it wont develop delicious fruit, only normal fruit.

    So say your native fruit is oranges, you can plant delicious oranges in your town and have the produce delicious oranges, but it someone gives you a delicious apple and you plant it, it'll just give you apples instead.

    What are the new K.K. songs?
    The new songs are Bubblegum K.K., K.K. Disco, K.K. Groove, K.K. Jongara, K.K. Bazaar, K.K. Adventure, K.K. Flamenco, K.K. Synth, K.K. Moody, K.K. Milonga, K.K. Oasis, Space K.K., K.K. Stroll, K.K. Island, K.K. Birthday, and Hypno K.K.

    When you decide to upgrade the museum with its second level, to which character do you have to give the bells?
    Like all public works, through Lloyd the Gyroid. He will be in the Train Station for anything involving Main Street.

    Say you go to a town where the other two people that are there are not on your friend list, when you add them from your friends town will they appear on your 3ds friend list as well?

    How can you get a black pitfall seed? Can you just buy it?
    They can be gotten through the Lost & Found of the Police Station.

    Can you add symbols like ' in your character name? Like for example Ja'mie or would I have to make it Jamie?
    You can add symbols.

    Could anyone maybe go into more detail about how patterns work in this game? I've heard mixed answers on the amount you can save, how storage works, and if patterns get overwritten (IE: You make a path and then move that pattern to storage. Is the path then changed by a new pattern in it's place? Similarly, how does this effect face boards, signs, clothes, and umbrellas?)
    Patterns on the ground are changed instantly when changed. This also goes for anything you might be wearing and anything on furniture in your house or storage. Anything that is displayed in the Able Sisters or on a face board, sign, Museum exhibit, Town Flag or etc. will be fine when switching out the pattern--just if you go to edit the pattern, it'll be blank and you'll have to start from scratch if you don't pull the stored pattern back out. As for storing, you can make up to 10 patterns and hold it on your person. You can store up to 72 designs with Mable for a total of 82 designs. This includes both PRO designs as well. (Both types take up one slot) This limit is also per character.

    Could you hold the path patterns with another character, freeing the space up with your main character?
    As long as the character lives in your town, yes.

    If Player B gets a customized piece of furniture and gives it to Player A who does not have that pattern, would it still have Player B's pattern (as they still live in the town and have it) or would it change to Player A's pattern in that spot?
    You can't give furniture with patterns.

    Are the museum exhibits shared amongst all players?
    No. Only the player who purchases the exhibit room can use it (and yes, one player can buy all 4).

    What are the in-game Nintendo/Special items are. And if you can, can you provide the pictures?
    Click here for Nintendo Items and here for DLC.

    Which wigs appear? And are there any new ones?
    You can look at all the hats here to find the Wigs

    A question on Cockroaches and Beautiful Towns. I know with Beautiful Towns, you don't have to worry about cockroaches... is that altogether or they just mean like in your house? Mostly asking as I'm wondering if I'd have to go to a different town type in order to catch one.
    Just their house, though there are no Cockroaches in the game to catch.

    Is there any way to prevent tanning besides an umbrella/parasol?
    Certain hats/face items will also prevent tans.

    Are the pictures back that you get from your villagers for becoming best friends with them?

    Who runs what police station?
    Cooper (The Tall one) runs the "Modern"/Metal one and Booker (The short one) runs the "Classic"/Wooden one.

    Can New Leaf games interact with Wild World or City Folk games?

    if there is a visitor, are they always near the middle of the map or near to the town tree?
    Unless they are the type to wander around, they are always at the Town Tree.

    Can I replant the bushes and trees on the island?
    Technically, yes, but only hibiscus bushes and island fruit trees will grow.

    Can you change the location of your house?
    Not once it's placed unless you delete the character (and deleting the mayor deletes the whole town so...)

    How long does it take for fruit to grow again after you shake it down?
    3 Days

    What trees lose their leaves and how?
    Perfect/Delicious trees will "die" after being shaken too much and/or if there is a lot in the area. It's random when it happens (though, the chance goes up after each shake). One of the 3 fruits will become rotten/bug-infested and it'll lose all it's leaves. The only other tree that loses it's leaves is your Town Tree as it actually goes through the seasons 100% (so it loses leaves in Fall and has only a couple during Winter).

    As mayor, are you able to kick out or remove certain villagers from your town?

    How many rooms do you get with a fully upgraded house and how big can they be?
    6--The upstairs, the basement, the main room, and a room on each side of the main for 3 more. Every room can be expanded to be 8x8 in size.

    If you're online with friends are you able to just hand things directly to them or do you have to drop them on the ground and get your friend to pick it up?
    You have to drop it. Or if you are in their town, you can mail it to them.

    If you get a takeout coffee and leave it for a day in your pockets and then drink it the next day does your player make a weird face or anything?

    When you place two faceboards next to eachother, about how big is the distance between them?
    It'll be 2 spaces as all Public Works need to be 2 spaces apart.

    How is a non-mayor characters introduction different than a mayor's?
    Nobody will be there to greet you and the tree-planting ceremony doesn't happen. Plus any mayor-related dialogue... You still need to talk to Isabelle who will tell you to get a house from Nook and you still place it the same way. Similarly, you get your ID Card the same way as well.

    When can your player get a tan?
    Anytime on the island or once Summer starts anywhere from 10AM to 5PM.

    How long do you have to wait around for your skin to become darker?
    Every 15 minutes you're out without tan-preventing hats/accessories, you'll get a shade darker.

    How can you get the ability to have hairstyles from the opposite gender?
    Get your hair cut 14 times. On the 15th time, Harriet will suggest a hairstyle of the opposite gender.

    I overheard that when you talk to Rover for the first time, you get to pick a map for your town. Is that true?
    Sort of! He gives you 4 maps to choose from (He essentially brings up that these are the stops still ahead and asks which is yours). If you don't like any of them, you'd have to reset for a new set to choose from.

    What happens to Tortimer since you become mayor?
    He is retired and on the island now hosting minigames/tours.

    How bad is grass erosion?
    Compared to City Folk, it's a huge improvement. It's not fantastic, but it takes much longer and even then, your town shouldn't get even close to City Folk's bareness. Not to mention since you walk faster in this game, you won't have to run as much either.

    Can fertilizer help grow back grass?
    No. The main way to grow back grass is not playing for a bit, watering flowers on grass, and rain/snow. Fertilizer is used to increase the chance of flower hybrids and for a perfect fruit to grow on a fruit tree.

    Is it true that two red roses produced from an orange rose and a purple rose produce blue roses?
    Yes. Special red roses can be bred from Orange + Purple roses. Those special red roses in turn breed into Blue Roses.
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    Can you get more than one hairstyle a day?

    Can I get my hair done and change my eye color in a day?
    No. You have to pick. Same goes with makeovers for a Mii Mask--you only get to choose one of the options.

    Does the dream mansion connect to other peoples towns via random or spotpass (or both..)?
    Dream Suite connects through the internet--you can look people up or enter their Dream Address (or ask to visit a random Dream).

    Do you personally situate new shops in your town or are they randomly placed?
    All shops are in fixed places. The only facilities you get to place are the Police Station and the Reset Center.

    Do you need to be connected to wi-fi in order to visit the Island?
    Only if you are visiting Club Tortimer.

    Looking back at primitive Animal crossing, do the gyroids serve any purpose?
    Only Lloyd the Gyroid does--he's how you pay off Public Works and also who you rent tools from on the Island in Dreams. As for the furniture items, besides the usual uses of them, you can place 4 Gyroids in Club lOl/444 during the day that will go off at certain times during DJ K.K.'s performance. But yeah, Gyroids still just make sounds.

    Is there only the standard/traditional wi-fi features such as connecting to pre-registered friends or is there some sort of new feature which enables you to meet new people?
    You still have to register a person via Friend List (though, the 3DS one--there isn't a friends list just for AC) before you can first meet them in ACNL. Anyone who is the same town as you currently are can be directly added to your 3DS Friend List (if they aren't there already), and to your Best Friends list if they are already added.

    Is there only one DJ K.K. song or is there a completely new genre of music?
    DJ K.K. remixes his songs, as well as your town tune whenever your ID card's picture shows up on the screen. He also remixes some Nintendo classics and will allow a Gyroid solo. The arrangement/order is usually the same each night though.

    What exactly can you do when you visit other peoples towns via dream mansion?
    You can do anything you can do when visiting a friend (with the exception of going to Main Street and in Re-Tail)--but nothing will count (like bugs/fish you may catch) or be kept (like any items or flowers you pick up). It's mainly to see how other people did their towns. You can also talk to NPC versions of their characters.

    Can you retire from the mayor position? If you do, who takes your place?
    Nope. The first character created will always be Mayor and they can not retire--deleting them just removes the town.

    Now that Tom Nook works elsewhere, do you still have to do the part-time work tutorial or has it been substituted with an alternative tutorial?
    An alternative tutorial. Now you do some stuff Isabelle suggests (and it's optional, though recommended) to get you familiar with the game and earn some items to help start you out in advance (such as tools and fruit).

    When we connect with other players are we given the option to communicate through the installed microphone?
    The microphone can't be used to communicate between players.

    What is the maximum amount of friends that you can have added on your friends list at a time?
    100 friends on your Friend List, 32 on your Best Friends list.

    What is Club Tortimer?
    Whenever you go to the main island by yourself (with friends, it'll be a random other item you can get on the island), there will be a Club Tortimer Pass. When you buy it, you can play online with random people anywhere in the world. Not only that, but some items you can buy on the island are exclusive to Club Tortimer (Also rarer items have a higher chance of showing up).

    What's the difference between the friends list and the best friends list?
    The Best Friend's list is a special list in the game that will allow you and your friend to send messages whenever the other is online without having to be in their town. You can also open your town just for Best Friends so you don't have to worry about people randomly showing up.

    What can I do with Spotpass on ACNL?
    I'm guessing you mean StreetPass since SpotPass is a more passive thing, but to answer regardless... SpotPass allows Nintendo to send out DLC items. It's essentially when you get a random letter from Nintendo with something. It's also how you get special Miis/Visitors in your Happy Home Plaza.

    What can I do with Streetpass on ACNL?
    Up to 20 people at a time (and up to 48 houses overall--once you hit 48, you start overwriting houses (with the exception of any you have favorited)) can be queued for Animal Crossing. Around 6 or so will be waiting in the main part of the Plaza while the rest wander around near their house (So if you've gotten less than around 6 people, they will all be in the main section when you check). If you've passed someone at least twice, you will receive an item from them (Balloons, Tweeter, Pinwheels, and Ice Cream). Besides that, you can order up to 5 items a day (total--not per house) from any of the houses in your plaza. They cost a bit more, but it's a good way to get items you may be unable to otherwise. Items that were refurbished can not be ordered (despite being orderable normally).

    What's a dream address?
    It's a 12-digit number you are given the first time you create your dream in the database (by sleeping on the couch) in Dream Suite. Using that address, people can go directly to your dream when visiting through Dream Suite.

    What are the requirements to befriend sable?
    Just keep talking to her everyday--it takes about 10-12 days.

    When you StreetPass someone, is it only the mayor's home that will be transferred to someone's plaza? We're able to make four characters total in our town, but only the first character's (mayor) house will be shared via StreetPass?
    Yes. Though, you can switch it by talking to Digby.

    How much is the entire house upgrade?
    A smidgen under 7,600,000 bells!

    I've heard before that the neighbors are much more interactive with the environment. Are they still able to talk to each other like in WW?
    Yep. Though, I will be honest that I've noticed it a lot less in this game.

    How big does the Town Tree get and how is it's growth determined?
    The tree gets to the point where the stump takes up the whole planter and there's a giant arching of leaves. The growth is determined by days and hours played--the biggest one takes 500 hours and 500 days. These are all the Tree stages:
    - starting tree
    - 5 days and 5 hours
    - 20 days and 20 hours
    - 50 days and 50 hours
    - 100 days and 100 hours
    - 180 days and 180 hours
    - 300 days and 300 hours
    - 500 days and 500 hours

    If I skip days/hours, will my tree still grow?
    Nope. Or well, at least not much (You can't skip from day 1 to day 500 and expect the biggest tree for example). You actually have to play that much. Please note days doesn't mean 24 full hours--you can play an hour a day everyday for 500 days and hit both requirements at the same time for example.

    How many times do you need to get your hair done before you can get contacts?
    It just needs to be 14 days after you've gotten your first haircut.

    How big is the town compared to previous games?
    It's kind of inbetween. I wouldn't really call it smaller or bigger as there's ways it's bigger and ways it's smaller. Like your beach is a lot bigger and you kind of have more room town-wise since some shops are moved to Main Street, but there aren't multiple levels of town (although, the beach is on it's own layer instead of part of the lower level of town)

    Can you visit your own town via the dream world?
    Nope. Though, if your town gets a new dream address for whatever reason, you can visit the old dream address.

    What is the maximum amount of villagers you can have?
    Not counting characters you can make or the campsite currently being occupied, 10.

    What exactly are Dream Villages?
    They are a dream version of someone's town that you can visit through Dream Suite.

    I heard Wendell shows up in Dream Villages, but i haven't seen him...
    He only shows up if the person's dream you're visiting has it set for patterns to be shared.

    Is the dream address separate from the 3DS friend code?

    Are you able to "steal" things from the other town? (take fruits from a town in your dream and bring it back to your town)

    Is there any limit on how many times or how long you can be in a dream?
    No. It costs 500 bells each time you visit a Dream Village though.

    How do you get blue roses?
    You need to grow Orange and Purple Roses then have those breed 2 Red Roses and use those 2 Red Roses to breed the Blue Roses (they can also come from black roses that come from those Red Roses).

    Is there burqa in this game?

    If I re-upload my town as a dream, will the new version of my town replace the old one?
    Yes. The only exception is if Luna says you have received a new dream address for some reason--what may cause this is unknown (although, switching 3DS' is one of the ways).

    I know you can remake teddy bears and those dolls from Aika village but can you remake panda bear dolls too?
    Nope. Pandas do not can any new designs.

    f you get a design using a QR code, can it be edited? For example, if I got a dress that is a great design and is blue but I want it green, can I change the colour?
    Nope. Although, there are programs that will let you, you can't modify it ingame unless it's credited to you. You also can't display them in Able Sister's.

    When you set up your town's dream address for others to visit, is the address itself all that's needed for them? Or, do you you also need the person's name? And, is this the mayor's name, or your 3DS/mii name?
    All they need is the address. They can search by town name and/or any of the characters' names in your town, but there's no need to if they have the Dream Address. Also, you need to be connected to the internet to use any of the features of Dream Suite.

    Does anyone know if there's pictures of each of the starter outfits? / What kind of faces are there?
    Click! (Note: These are the outfits for Fall/Winter, if you make your character in Spring/Summer, Click here)

    As the season ends, does Gracie's furniture and clothing start selling out and going on sale like it does in CF?
    Yes. Her sales start the 15th of the last month the items are for sale. There's also items that will only be sold during that sale period.

    Does anyone know how you can get the eyes seen on this girl character?
    Those are the funny glasses and are sold in Labelle's part of the Able Sister's shop.

    Can you plant flowers or trees in the area around the bench near the museum?

    If you make a character and then delete them a day later, when the mayor sits on the tree will it still list the character as having moved in on X date or does it not show it as if the character never existed in the first place?
    As if they never existed in the first place.

    If you're on online multiplayer can you still get coffee in the cafe with your friends?
    As long as you are actually visiting them and it's not through a Dream, yes.

    Where do I redeem the fortune cookies?
    Talk to Timmy or Tommy to redeem them.

    How can I get other fruits without playing with people?
    You can get them from villagers as gifts, from your mother or father through mail, take them from trees during some of the Island Minigames/Tours, and even Isabelle will give you some if you do her tutorial. The final Nookling expansion sells Persimmon and Bamboo.

    What does the guy at the top of the shopping district standing under the Arch Way do?
    Digby is in charge of the StreetPass area. He'll bring you to the Plaza to see people and their houses that you have StreetPassed.

    Are Items that are available at the shopping district change everyday?

    How do I get one of the different house styles?
    They are sold in Nook's Homes everyday--which one shows up will be random. They cost 398K and can only be bought if you have at least the upstairs, back room, left room, and right room built.

    Will villagers still wear any of your designs that you put up for display in Ables?
    Only if it's displayed on a shirt. Designs displayed on dresses, hats, or umbrellas will not be worn by villagers.

    I know that the color of the train station and town hall are random from the four choices but it is random in that it is completely random for both -or- if town hall is color A the train station will be random from color choice B C and D?
    Random for both.

    Is there any differences in the indication of the weather? Maybe more drastic types of weather? Like wind blowing trees? Puddles or something along those lines?
    No puddles or anything, but the sky will actually vary quite a bit depending on the upcoming weather. Your villagers can also hint to some of it (like if you'll be having an Aurora Borealis). The Town Tree does have some wind blowing through it though. Thunderstorms and Snowstorms have the biggest indication as during Thunderstorms, the entire game will light up every so often as lightning strikes and during Snowstorms, there's a lot more snow falling.

    Is the bright nights festival is returning?

    Does anyone know if the Wii Fit board is a DLC item or could I actually get it?
    It's a Fortune Cookie item.

    Can you change a short-sleeved shirt into long-sleeved and vice versa?
    Nope. Some shirts have multiple versions though with the different sleeve lengths.

    Does the mayor make less bells when selling fruit then other player chars made?
    No. The mayor really doesn't have any difference compared to other villagers except that they are greeted as the Mayor and they can build Public Works/remodel certain things.

    How do you get the rococo series?
    Spotlight items in the Nookling shop.

    Does Feng Shui make a return in New Leaf?

    Do you think we will get the sushi items, or do you think that will be a Japan exclusive?
    We have some of the items like the Sushi Boat, but the Sushi Roll/Good-luck Roll is exclusive to the Japanese festival Setsubun.

    What does the petition do?
    Depends which. If it's from Dr. Shrunk, getting it signed will let K.K.'s Club be built. If it's from a Villager, nothing. It's just a new way to make your villagers happy.

    I am wondering if the follow items can be ordered from Timmy/Tommy after previously being cataloged/purchased: Throne, Crown, Royal Crown, and Halo
    Yes, they can all be reordered through the Catalog once cataloged or purchased.

    Are the feathers in this game? And if they are in the game are they able to be ordered?
    The feathers are in this game as part of Festivale. They can not be ordered though--they do not show up in the catalog.

    I saw a few pieces of the blue series can be remade by Kaizo/Cyrus into darker blue shades. Can ALL of the pieces be remade dark blue or just a few?
    Yes, that is one of the shades every piece of the Blue series can be changed to. Every item in a set can be changed to those set colors. So like all the Lovely set pieces can be made pink + white or pink + Black and etc.

    Is the way residents move out and in the same and is there any way to make residents move quicker?
    Still pretty much the same. Ignoring them is probably the quickest way though. They will ping you to let you know they are planning to move up to 5 days before the moving date. You can change their mind up to when they are in boxes, but once in boxes they will leave.

    I know that some of the non-resident characters can give you their picture like Katie, The Resettis, and Jingle. Are Tom Nook, K.K, Pelly, Phyllis, and Pascal still able to give you their pictures?
    K.K., Zipper T. Bunny, and Blanca are the only other NPCs to give you their photo besides Katie, Mr. Resetti, Don Resetti, and Jingle.

    Is the bag of beans unlimited?
    It is unlimited/infinite.

    Does the Cafe, Police Station, Reset Center, the Town Hall/Gate Upgrades, or any of the things on Main Street count towards the 30 community project limit?
    Nope. No facilities or upgrades count.

    Do bridges count towards the 30 limit?
    Yes. The original/starting one didn't originally (unless you tore it down and replaced it), but does since the 1.1 patch.

    Are UFOs in this game?
    Besides the interior item, no.

    There's a maximum of 30 Public Works?

    The oni horns you can get, do they come with the wig or is it just the horns?
    They come with the Wig.

    Is the whole Pave Set received during Festivale? And is there a limit on the prizes you can earn during Festivale?
    Solely depends on luck and how many feathers you get. You need 3 feathers of a specific color (or a rainbow feather) to get furniture from Pave and what he gives you is random so you could keep getting the same item. On the bright side, it sells for a lot (like 12K each).

    Are you able to change your eye shape?

    Which house gets StreetPassed? Is it the mayor's house or can we choose?
    Whoever it is that talks to Digby. I believe it's the Mayor by default when you activate it, but you can change it to another character's house by talking to him with that character.

    The hibiscus bushes that are available to purchase/plant on the island, is there one (or more) available every day or is it random like the other items?
    Random like other items.

    Which patterns does Wendell show? The mayor's patterns, the last character to save in the dream mansion, or can we choose?
    Only the patterns that the Mayor character has saved will be shown by Wendell.

    Do all 4 characters use the same dream address, but each character has their own for regular wifi?
    The Dream Address AND Friend Code is shared among all 4 characters. Only the Best Friend list is per character.

    Do village animals in New Leaf have a more romantic side to them?
    Smug villagers enjoy flirting a bit.

    Are you able to plant bushes right next to buildings? And how many types of bushes are available?
    No. Like trees, they will not grow immediately next to buildings, rocks, cliffs, water, or bridges. They also won't grow if there are too many interlinking. Unlike trees though, Bushes CAN grow right next to a tree or next to pavement. There are 8 different kinds of bushes.

    I've seen of the gardening shop, including it's place in the final expansion of the store, only two flower packs are sold. Once you buy one is it sold out or can you buy multiple flowers kind of like you can do with stationery?
    Only two per day. You can get "infinite" flowers from Resort Island tours. You can also take flowers from the island. Though, you will want the flowers from seed packets for Hybrid growing.

    So, does anyone know how many spaces there are in the map? I think I heard that it is four by five acres, but I want to know how many spaces per acre.
    An acre usually consists of 16x16 squares, in which it makes a total of 256 squares per acre. That makes a grand total of about 5120 squares per town.

    When do you unlock the gardening store? Is it immediately unlocked or is it unlocked with the convenience store?
    You need to unlock it separately... it unlocks when the total number of times you have done any of the following is at least 30: pulled weeds, watered flowers, planted trees or flowers and 5 days have passed. If you have the watering can from doing Isabelle's "tutorial", it shouldn't be too hard.

    Does the shopping card return in this game?

    What's that green thing you can buy now? It looks like a frog calendar?
    It's essentially musical stationery. You can set a song (similar to how you do your Town Tune) to go along with the mail.

    If I have a version from the game in a different language than Japanese and went to visit a Japanese game's town, would everything be written in Japanese or would it be translated?
    All items and dialogue are translated to whatever language the game you are playing is. The only things that stay the same are Villager Greetings/Catch phrases, A player's comment in their ID, and signs on shops.

    How does taking pictures work in this one? Is there a total limit of images you can save on your SD card? Is there a daily limit?
    You can save and take as many as you want per day. Just press L + R and it saves it to the SD card. The only 'limit' would be if the SD Card gets full. Uploading would have to be one at a time though unless you removed the SD Card and put it in your computer.

    Is it true you can have picnics?
    Sort of! You can't really interact with it (beyond sitting on one of the chairs), but there is a Picnic Blanket public work project that can be suggested by villagers.

    When does Winter turn into Spring in NL?
    Technically when the leaves turn green. So, January 16th. Snow will be gone February 25th.

    I know in general, Public Works have to be 2 spaces away in all directions from most things... does that include bushes though? Can bushes be just one space away or do they also need to be 2 away?
    Bushes can be just one tile away from Public Works.

    Is there a limit on the amount of furniture allowed in one room?
    Sadly, yes. You can only have up to 48 items per room.

    Can you remake walls and flooring?

    I wanted to know if anyone's discovered what takes up that space in the alleyway behind the trash can in the shopping area?
    That is Katrina's Shop. You unlock it on the Public Work list to be built once you've had 20 fortunes told to your characters in your town.

    Once you have the maximum amount of villagers, when one moves out does the new villager's house replace the one that moved or do they move into a random spot?
    Random Spot. That does include the spot a villager moved from though.

    What do the logos in the tree stumps mean, if anything?
    Mushrooms can grow around them to sell and it's how you can get Famous Mushrooms.

    How to open the second floor of the museum?
    You need at least 20 items in the museum with at least 1 item in each wing of the museum (So 1 Bug, 1 Fish, 1 Statue or Painting, and 1 Fossil) and 2 weeks have to have passed. Once you've hit the requirements, Blathers will be thinking inside and if you talk to him, he'll suggest the second floor saying how he misses his sister.

    Can you visit someone's village when they are offline or does it have to be in dream?
    Has to be a Dream.

    Can you play with friends on Club Tortimer or only random people?
    Unlike when going to the normal island, you can not have your friends come with you. That said, while it is random, there is always the chance you could end up with one of your friends if they go on at the same time and pick the same mode.

    Can you send letters to another village from yousr? have to be in their village.

    I saw a video of Carnivale/Festivale and I was wondering if the feather headdresses that are sold in Able's are only pink or if we can get them in other colors? In josh's video he said he could only buy pink but I saw red, blue, green, maybe even others on the animals. Anybody know if we are limited to pink or is it just random?
    Only pink. The other colors are exclusive to villagers for some reason.
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    When you scan a QR Code Pro design of a clothing, where does the clothing save to? Is it saved as a shirt item in your pockets? When you scan the code itself, where does it store the code after? Say you scan a Pro shirt pattern, does it save into ur pockets as a shirt item?
    It will save into whichever of the 10 pattern slots you choose. It won't become an actual shirt item. Make sure you have a spare Design slot on your Design menu before you scan QR codes containing a pattern (it doesn't matter they're PRO or not).

    I saw this video on Youtube and it showed that you could choose a few options for what your town will be like, for example 'Rich town', 'Beautiful town', etcetera. Does anybody know all the options and what they do to your town?
    • The 4 choices are:
    • Rich - Items sell for 20% more, but items also cost 20% more in shops. Villagers also tend to donate a bit more to Public Work Projects. This does not effect turnip sales.
    • Beautiful - Weeds rarely ever grow, Flowers never wilt, Cockroaches will not show up in your house, Villagers will plant flowers, and there will be no trash in the river or oceans (so no worrying about fishing out tires or cans).
    • Morning - Shops open earlier
    • Night - Shops close later

    When I was watching a video on Youtube I saw a girl and she had 3 people visiting her village. Then, while in game, it was shown how the other people could directly add eachother. How does this work while there will only be 3DS friend codes, and not in-game friendcodes? Will you be friends on your 3DS right away then, also for other games?
    Yep, they get added right to the 3DS Friend's List.

    Can the players who aren't the mayor wifi in this game?

    If Player 1 (Mayor) unlocks the upstairs and rents all the rooms, will Players 2, 3 or 4 be able to use them? Or are they only available to the person that rents them first?
    They are only usable for the person who rented them so only Player 1 (the Mayor) would be able to use them.

    I heard you can get 5,000 bells for updating your town in Dream Suite. What does that mean?
    More or less, you can lay down on the couch in Dream Suite to update your villager on the servers. As thanks, Luna gives you 5,000 bells. You can do this once a day.

    Is a list of all the available hairstyles?

    When you remake an item and put a pattern on it, can you get rid of that pattern and it will stay the same on the object?/
    Nope--it'll become a blank white pattern as the pattern no longer exists.

    I remember hearing that some of the items are bound to your game. What color leaves are they? Also, what are the difference between the colors of the leaves again?
    Yellow leaves are bound as they are with a pattern in your inventory and thus, linked to you in a way.
    • Leaf Colors:
    • Green leaf = normal item
    • Red leaf = customized
    • Yellow leaf = customized with custom pattern

    Does anyone know how creating paths works in NL? I've never used them before. Is there an option to just lay out a path or do you have to place every single panel separately?
    Same as previous games--you have to place each panel separately. The only difference is run and pick-up are two different buttons now so you don't need to worry about accidentally picking things up while running.

    Do villagers help pay off community projects or is it all up to you?
    Technically, yes, but it's so little that it really doesn't effect much.

    Can you get a tan from the island?

    Can you transfer data from AC:CF to AC:NL?

    I read that bees are easier to catch in NL. How so?
    They're a lot slower this time, so you can actually equip your net and wait for them to come to you, rather than having them buzz around you while you equip your net and hope you swing it in time. Not just that, but if you open your inventory, the bees will actually stay paused wherever they are so you are given a lot of time to run ahead, open your inventory to pull it out (I'd recommend doing that over using the D-Pad), turn around, and get ready.

    Does New Leaf have a Save and Continue option, like in ACGC?

    Is it possible to restrict certain patterns from being given out in Dream Mode?
    Yes and no. You can make it so patterns won't be shared, but you can't pick specific patterns not to be shared while others can be shared. Essentially, it's an all or nothing feature--you can't pick and choose.

    Does the friend code still exist?
    Yes, except it's the universal 3DS one.

    If you add someone you meet in a friend's town then they will end up on the system friend list?

    And what if you want to share some QR codes rather than not share any at all, is that possible?
    It depends. If you mean through the Dream Suite, it's all or nothing--you can't pick and choose. If you mean just printing QR Codes through the sewing machine in the Able Sisters shop, then yes--you choose which patterns you want to turn into QR Codes and you give them to who you want to.

    So the Mayors friend list goes off the 3ds friends; How does it work for the other 3 characters you can make? Do they also get their friend list from the 3ds?
    Your friend list belongs to the 3DS. So if you made friends and added them to the system list, they are your friends on every character in the game. Your best friend list (in-game), however, is character specific.

    Can you design pants?
    Nope. Pants, Socks, Skirts, and Shoes can not be designed

    I heard that your best friend can do things that normal friends can't in town, like taking objects that are lying around. Is this true?
    Nope--any visitor can do that. Your best friends have no more special abilities than any other visitor in your town. The only thing they can do special is come to your town when opened for Best Friends only (and vice versa) and send you messages while not in your town.

    If you use a QR code to get a pattern created by someone else, can you actually edit that pattern once you have it in your game? Or is it kind of locked to being whatever it is that the person created?
    A QR pattern cannot be edited, shared, or displayed at able's. You cannot edit what isn't yours.

    Do female characters get to wear pants like the boy characters? or can they only wear dresses?
    Everyone can wear everything.

    Can the train station flag be different than the one used for the town hall?

    I have heard that the games on the 3DS are stored on cartridges? In this case, my question is, if I have one 3DS but I have two games AC:NL, can I have two different towns? Or this is false and can not be?
    If you have a physical copy of the game, then the game data will be saved on that cartridge. If you have a downloaded version of the game, then the game data will be saved onto your SD card in your 3DS. Yes, you can have two different towns if you buy one physical copy & one digital downloaded copy (from the E-shop) and/or if you buy multiple physical copies.

    What are the glove things? I've seen them in videos but I don't know what theyre used for because you can't wear gloves.
    If you are talking about the random blue mitten that people sometimes find in their town it is one of the lost items you can occasionally find that has to be returned to a villager (or you can keep it and use as furniture).

    Is the basement included for the HHA Challenges?

    Anything new with constellations?
    Not in this game

    Can you still get foreign fruit by sending letters to your villagers?
    Yes. Just make sure to send your villagers things that they like and it never hurts to ask for fruits in the letter. For the fruit you could always get it from the island minigames too.

    I have a question about the letter writing. If I recall, in one of the previous games, it didn't really matter WHAT you wrote, so much as using key words, punctuation, etc. Is it similar in this game, or do you actually have to write a letter that makes sense?
    Not sure what it would be for the US/EU version, but the tips given by the JP guides to get cool things are:
    - say the animal's name
    - say thanks
    - be nice
    - keywords such as "play" "gift" "fruit" "present"
    - more than 20 characters in the letter
    - nonsensical letters will be ignored (such as typing 20 A's then the word "fruit")

    How many villagers can you have total in the town this time around?
    10 villagers, 4 humans, and 1 camper.

    You know how you can ask campers to move into your town? Well what if you already have 10 villagers? Will one of them move out so the camper can move in?
    No, if you have 10 villagers, the campers won't ask to move in.

    So the Fortune Cookies are bought with the Play Coins you get by walking with your 3ds right? And that's how you get Nintendo items? Is there any other uses for them?
    Yes, that's how you get the Nintendo items. There's isn't any other use for those coins in NL.

    Where can buy bushes?
    The island sells red and yellow hibiscus shrubs for 5 medals. Once the Nookling shop is connected to the Garden Shop, the other 6 bushes will start being sold there (it's random which will be up for sale like the flower packets and tree saplings).

    Once you choose a Town Ordinance, can you change it later on?
    Yes, but it costs 20,000 Bells to change it and it won't take effect until 6AM the next day.

    If you catch a fish/bug/diving creature while on an island tour does it get listed in your encyclopedia to be listed as caught?
    Only if you actually get to keep what you caught (IE: Fishing in a Bug Catching Tour).

    Can you get golden roses if you choose "beautiful town"?
    Nope... Since Flowers can't wilt, you can't get wilted black roses to water for golden ones.

    I noticed in the latest LinandKo video that the grass in their Main Street is wearing down pretty hard, can you plant flowers or paths there?

    If my sister wants a certain villager but it ends up in my town first and I want to keep it there. Is there still a chance of that villager (a second one) living in her town?

    Will Basements be returning?

    Will Gyroid storage be returning?

    Is there an option to move a character from one town to another?
    Only if the character you are trying to move isn't Mayor. Also, the town you'd be moving them to has to not have been started yet (they will become the mayor of that town) and you need another 3DS.

    Is it possible to transfer data from one 3DS to another?
    Yes--by using the 3DS Transfer System. It transfers all your saved data so.

    How many blocks are there needed to download this game?
    Japanese copy is 5,655 blocks. The American/PAL versions are around 6,002 blocks. This is most likely because the US and PAL games come with the 1.1 Patch, the upgraded SpotPass feature with the Happy Home Plaza, and the various languages.

    Do what bugs/fish/diving creatures are out vary between the Seasons?
    Yes. And also the time.

    When do the seasons change?
    They follow the real life calendar so... Most of the bugs/fish/diving creatures depend more so on the month and time though (Although, some also require specific weather).

    How do you catch Jellyfish?
    You can't in this game

    When you start playing animal crossing what time do the shops open by default?
    Varies per shop (and in the case of Nookling's--what upgrade). Re-Tail opens at 9AM, Able Sister's and Nook's Homes open at 10AM (though, Nook will be opened early for the tutorial process), and the Nookling's first shop opens at 8AM.

    Is it possible to get a new Hairstyle during the game and in another color ? Or do I keep the one from the beginning ?
    It's possible, though, Shampoodle's isn't opened from the start.

    Are some of the Villagers at the beginning will be random generated ? Will you get all the neighbors in the game or just random ones?
    Randomly generated. You can get all the neighbors one day if you keep moving people out, but who will show up when is random.

    So the town will be random Villagers but you can´t get all of the animal villagers in town? (Like getting all the wolves or penguins etc.. if you know what I mean.)
    If you want to try to have all 10 of your Villagers a certain type, you can. It'll just take a lot of work. This game actually lets you invite specific villagers to your town if moving from someone else's so you can ask them to move to your town if you have space.

    But animal neighbors like tom nook or the alpaca ones will appear normally ?
    Ones that own shops or buildings on Main Street don't count towards the villager limit.

    Doesn't a villager move out every other day?
    Villagers move out at max, 5 days after they talk to you about it (They will first decide 5 days before--whether they tell you that day or not is random). If you tell them no, then there is a chance a villager can move out as soon as the next day--but you also could have nobody willing to move for several days. It's all random.

    Persimmons are only able to be obtained by purchasing one from the garden shop, right?
    Yes. Or robbing them from an Island Tour.

    I haven't seen Blanca... Is she still in this game?
    Blanca appears on April Fools Day. She'll go into villagers houses and dress identical to them and you need to figure out which one is real and which one is Blanca, then you'll get a reward.
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