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Forum Rules

Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Complete Registration' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.

We ask that you follow our guidelines in order to keep The Bell Tree an enjoyable environment for everyone.

Respecting Others

  • Respect other Bell Tree members in your posts, private messages, visitor messages, Wi-Fi ratings, and other conversations.
  • If you disagree with someone, please do so in a dignified manner and refrain from using personal attacks.
  • Keep your criticism constructive and avoid posting anything that would belittle another user.
  • If another user is disrespectful or makes a personal attack, do not attack them back. This will create a lengthy series of attacks known as a flame war.

Post Quality

  • Be sure your forum posts actually contribute to the topic being discussed.
  • Posts that contain solely "Lol", "This", GIF/image replies, or other short remarks are usually suited better for chatrooms than forum discussions.
  • Keep your posts coherent and try your best to use good grammar.
  • Do not create threads and posts solely to advertise your blog, forum, Tumblr, YouTube, or website. Instead, use your signature to share these websites, but be sure to follow the signature rules.
  • Do not post in an old thread if the topic is no longer relevant. This is known as bumping a thread.

Prohibited Content
Do not post any content that contains or promotes the following:

  • Violence, racism, terrorism, or other obscene content
  • Hacking information, viruses, or harmful computer software
  • Pornography, nudity, or sexual material


  • An individual person should only own and use a single account, and an account should only be used by a single person.
  • If you made more than one account by mistake, please contact an administrator and ask them to disable one of them.
  • You are responsible for what's posted by your account, so be sure to log out if other people use your computer to visit The Bell Tree.

Online Gaming

  • When playing Animal Crossing online with other Bell Tree members, be fair, honest, and respectful. You can read more about our Animal Crossing online rules by clicking here.

Private Information

  • Private information, such as your address or phone number, is not allowed to be publicly displayed on the forums.
  • Please remember to be cautious before sharing any personal information with another person on the internet.
  • Sharing personal information of other people without permission, publicly or privately, is considered harassment and is not allowed.


  • Keep your signature under a total height of 250 pixels tall, including all images and text. The content should be relatively clean as well. (no nudity or excess violence)
  • Additionally, make sure the file sizes of any images in your signature are not too large and cause pages to load slowly.
  • Users with signatures in violation of the limitations will be messaged by a moderator.


  • If another user violates a rule, report the post instead of posting a response to it. To report, click the report-40b.png button at the bottom of the post.
  • You can also report a thread to request it to be closed or moved to another section.

Warnings & Infractions

  • Warnings (yellow) are typically received for minor and/or first-time offenses. More severe or repeated offenses will receive infractions (red).
  • When you receive a warning or infraction, you will be private messaged by the forum with the details. To view your full infraction history, click the Infractions tab on your profile.
  • Warnings and infractions will not be reversed or removed, except under extraordinary circumstances.


  • You will be banned if you receive enough warnings or infractions from violating the rules. The length of the ban depends on the amount of warnings or infractions you received, any previous bans, and the severity of the violation(s).
  • Creating another account after being banned will only result in an increased ban time.
  • If you believe you were banned unfairly or would like to ask for forgiveness, email

Chat Room (IRC)

  • The general Bell Tree guidelines apply in our chatroom, including being respectful to other chatters.
  • Do not link to inappropriate content, and try to keep things relatively clean.
  • Do not flood the channel with a rapid succession of chats.
  • Do not frequently change your nickname, or enter with multiple accounts/windows.
  • The chat room operators (@) are in charge of moderating the IRC and can kick or ban users for violating rules.
  • If you believe you were banned from the chat room unfairly, contact a moderator on the forum.


  • The general Bell Tree guidelines apply in our Mumble, including being respectful to other speakers.
  • Give other people a chance to speak. Don't hog the mic.
  • Talk to a moderator of the Mumble or forum if you have problems with another Mumble user.

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