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    Oh ok. Well in that case I totally agree with ya. I thought his voice was perfect for his character! I don't watch dubs either, in most cases I think they suck...I did watch a clip of Levi from the Snk eng dub and my god e___e He sounded horrible...
    Gosh ikr? Like at its very base, Tumblr was just a website used for sharing pics and silly text posts and turned into this. I actually still do like Animal Crossing tumblrs tho. I think the images are cute and most ppl seem to keep their personal viewpoints and whatnot out of the picture so that's a relief.
    Ohhh I love Pokemon! My dad was a big Bowie fan, unfortunately I came before his era so idk much about him, but I appreciate his music. Such a shame he passed.
    I had a great weekend, tyvm! ^_^ I hope you had an amazing one too!
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    Heh, that's so funny considering we are technically speaking the same language XD
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    Holy **** you're right. IT WORKS. Making progress with him slowly haha.

    Gah, I can't stomach beer irl. I tried one glass this Christmas and it was very hard to down lol. Have you ever tried it?
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    Lmao omg I'm totally never shaving my head just for a cosplay lolol. I've spent too long growing out this hair of mine to let it go to waste ;A;
    Lol you're making me kinda wanna check out One Piece. I dunno if I'd ever be able to catch up on all 900+ eps tho @___@
    Oh I love Levi's Japanese voice actor! Do you mean the one for the original Japanese version or the Eng. dubbed one?
    Yeah I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, the last time I checked Tumblr didn't seem to have settled down much at all :/ That victim mentality that most of the young teens seem to possess on there is really disturbing and toxic. I'm sure if i pointed that out to them they'd call me a bigot tho lol.
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    I totally agree! I'm not very patient either when it comes to video games, which is maybe why I never seem to finish any. As soon as something starts to feel tiring or repetitive I usually stop, but I never really feel that way when I'm playing Pokemon. And yeah! I noticed a lot of Pokemon in this gen don't have any evos, which is weird because I think most of them have some really unique designs and would've made for cool evos as well. I would've loved for Komala to evolve especially. There's some missed potential, for sure. I love how most of the Alola forms look, though, so at least there's that.

    Your collection is awesome! I think it's pretty neat to build up a collection of things you really love, and it's definitely fun, so there's no shame in that! I hope someday I can have as big of a collection as you do! Maybe once I have the funds, haha.

    I'm really sorry about the late reply, by the way. I hope you've had a great weekend.
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    Okay! ^u^
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    Ohhh Luffy...funny cuz I never watched the show but I'm still familiar with the character. I had no idea he was made out of rubber he like a robot or cyborg?
    Yeah Levi would be difficult for me to cosplay tho cuz of his hair...I have really long hair and I'm not sure I could make it look like I have an undercut like his.
    Omg I totally agree with everything you said about Snk! Like literally those are totally my exact feelings about that show. Not a bad show but totally overrated and overworshipped by young weeb teens. Eren was cool, I felt bad for him tho...god the feels in that first ep when his mom got eaten...;_; my favs were Levi and Erwin (who got killed grrrrrr)
    UGHHH yes I hate tumblr so much. It's so gross. I can't even stand looking at my dash bc I see something that enrages me and I'm just like. Ok, I'm never coming back here again. But then I come back a couple months later and it happens AGAIN and I'm like k I'm done haha.
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    Heh, glad we are in the same boat XD Ah, yes Seattle! I remember us talking about that now~ yep, we are going to Seattle and Vancouver! I'll report back how Canada is hehe c:

    I think people would be super welcoming to you because you're from England. Americans seem to really like British people!
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    Well if it's a problem for you, are there any other characters you're really interested in besides the Jojo ones that share the same body type as you? Lmao most people are not 6'5, that's really really tall. Cx I doubt most of the people who cosplay those characters are that tall, so I'm sure you'd be fine. I'm only 5'3 so I'd look ridiculous cosplaying any male besides like Levi from Snk T_T Short ppl struggles...
    Oh, One Piece is still that popular? I had no idea, I rarely even hear about it much these days. I'm surprised the animation quality slipped, it usually gets better over time. I guess they wanted to cut down on production costs?
    I think Jojo really is popular, I hear about it so much, esp. on places like Tumblr... I kinda hate tumblr so I don't look much at it anymore lol but a year or so back, I remember tons of ppl were talkin bout Jojo.
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    Hello, I checked out your wishlist and here's what I can sell you!
    Antique Shelf
    Desktop TV
    Editor's Chair
    Herringbone Floor
    Large Bookshelf
    Parquet Floor
    Sample Case
    Stack of Books
    I sell RV items for 10 TBT each, and the editor's chair will be 2 TBT, so it'd be 82 TBT for everything. Lmk! (:
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