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    yeah! i know i'm definitely getting the fire emblem game xD i played story of seasons for awhile but i got bored really fast because it involved alot of waiting for nadi to show up =w= it was still fun though!!

    omgomgomg jumin was my favorite ~~ zen is definitely second xD to be honest all you have to do to curry favor is answer something you'd think they'd answer with, so with jumin you act really emotionless and corporate and act as the straight man with zen xD
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    omg, is it good?? 0: i wanted to save for the new fire emblem game but the new story of seasons piqued my interest.. also, the switch is interesting too *^*

    oh god i remember when i was into mystic messenger xD aah it was a good game *^* who's your favorite? 0w0
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    omg it has been awhile! i've been doing good, i've gotten a bit back into acnl because i wanted to restart my town 0: i'm still watching anime and waiting for new games too tho cx
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    My ingame name is....just my real name, Alee </3 (pff!) mahina sounds adorable though wahh ;3; At least you have a unique naming system! ^^ it's nice even if it's tedious and I'm sure the results make up for it in the end?? owob
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    Then I'll let you know any rp I do, I always end them like that D:

    I'll add you now! woo ^^ what is your In game name for your trainer??? thouh awww ;3; that is nice! I always name my pokemon after sweets or food- or cute things D: I'm simple minded I guess, but Hawaiian names sound creative and nice~~ ^^

    I saw the one you sent! totally cute <3
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    I don't know~~ if there is a purpose that will make the ending semi happy that at least helps ;3; but I'm still a sucker for happy endings over sad or depressing ones, They just...they feel like they have a lot of more growth D:

    DO YOU WANNA ADD EACH OTHER, I got pokemon moon! ^^ I'm not that far though;;; I'm currently hunting a female cutiefly, I got a male shiny but I wanted a female shiny so I could name it Strawberry ;3; idk it's a thing~~~ trying to trade the male for a female with no luck currently xwx;

    IT WAS SUPER COMFORTABLE AND FUN ^^ I'll link you one second, I'll send the link in pm. but oh my god that sounds adorable ;3; any pictures?? I'm just happy he actually wished for something so cute ^^
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    I cosplay Naegi Makoto~ to think of, have you ever seen my cosplay photos? >w> I could link you to my group's cosplay page, I'm part of a Arizona cosplay group owob or of the founders I guess x'D me and my friends made it last year.
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    currently yeah! >3< all is good, I'm just happy the hard part is over and done with~ xwx;

    SAME I HATE IT, it feels horrible to be honest ;w; when I watch or read something entirely depressing and sad and it has a bad ending....I just can't, I regret reading or watching whatever it was, I literally tell my friends to not recommend me sad films unless they have happy endings ;3; it's just, I don't know.. a thing? so I get exactly where you're coming from, it feels wrong not to give them a ending they deserve for going through all of the troubles ;w; I want them to be able to look up at the sun and smile and learn from what happened~

    Wah you should! ^^ depending on who plays it of course, I personally watched the anime then watched nicob's playthrough of the second game then the anime again- wah x'D
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    yeah but a lot better now that it is over and done with ^^b though gosh... would not want to move again oh gosh x'D

    I agree! ^^ that's actually exactly how I am- I love happy endings, like I'm in LOVE with horror roleplays..but I need that happy ending or it's not satisfying/ it doesn't feel right? xwx; like it really bothers me if they end up going through pure hell only to be rewarded with a horrible bad end night, that's not my shtick ;3;

    wahhhh you really should~~~ or you could also watch someone do a lets play of the games <3 either way I think both are great options, I love the dangan ronpa series and actually cosplay a character from it~ I want to cosplay another too ;3;
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    oh gosh, it was totally not exciting! D: very stressful and scary;;; but now that we're moved it's a lot better i'll give that much >w<b society calls for way too much when it's time to move. xwx

    Phew~~~ welp, if you are on board I was thinking of rebooting it, it was really fresh and had a lot of potential for fun! I just got caught up in stuff or I would of kept it going, spooky carnivals are delightful after all~~ >w< not to mention I love roleplaying despair!naegi, it's just interesting <3 but gah maybe I just love dangan ronpa too much xD
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