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    crossing my fingers for a good deal soon, sigh
    I want to play that game so bad, bc it fits right in with my preferences. I'll give all games a try but I love 3rd person party RPGs the most lol

    and the pay at Marshalls is better than average!! 9/hr, and 10/hr after you work there for three months. idk if it's different in your state tho?
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    Eh, it's just more school. I'm only looking forward to the freedom lol.
    And I need to get Persona 5!! I'm just cheap so I'm waiting for it to go under $20 on eBay :-p
    Good luck on the music event and job apps, my tip is if you're going into customer service make sure to work at a place with a good, accepting, and non-judgemental employee/store culture. I work at Marshalls and LOVE it bc they're an equal opportunity employer and there's so much store diversity and friendliness. Never encountered a difficult customer either!!

    OH DUDE I've played Horizon Zero Dawn, FFXV, Prey, Dishonored, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Bioshock, Borderlands, XCOM, Uncharted 4, Ocarina of Time (which I had actually never played before!!), and The Last Guardian. I think I'll move onto The Witcher next? Lol
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    good, since it's summer!! haha
    I'm back to a summer job, as a retail worker, but I've been just preparing for college and trying to get in as many games as possible before school starts again :-p
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    Merry Womb Day
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    Happy birthday!
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    OH WOW, your next few months are even more hectic than mine!! might have to worry for you once you get to senior year lmao
    hope you're not feeling too burned out by everything :-o
    though you seem to handle this pretty well haha, I believe in you dude (y)
    oh, and what kind of volunteer work are you doing??

    heh, if you even have time for gaming, that is!! the con of having a very busy schoolyear :-p
    ( I'll always look forward to seeing more graphics from you when the time comes ;-] )
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    let me know what titles you end up getting! (even titles I didn't recommend, I'm curious about what you're getting haha)
    and yeah I have, always! just icons though LOL
    I'm planning on making bigger graphics, just need the time to actually come through with it. my course load is lighter this semester but I have a ton of scholarship interviews and college stuff I need to end january-february :-/

    basically everything is going on the backburner until I'm through those hectic months *sigh*
    even dragon age: inquisition, and I'm scared how painful it'll be to rip myself away from playing it LMAO
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    WHEW I AM FINALLY BACK, and while I enjoyed parts of my vacation I'm glad to be back at home lol
    I couldn't get used to Houston water at all :-/

    as for PS4 game recs I HIGHLY recommend Dragon Age: Inquisition. AMAZING game, and it's massive. It'll take a long time to explore and it's honestly never really completed, but it's so so so worth it.
    I actually prefer it over Skyrim, though Skyrim is great too... I just didn't have the patience for it after playing it for a mere 10hrs (LAME, I KNOW).
    Skyrim is definitely another title to consider for the PS4 though!! I'm just that one person who would rather play a different RPG lol

    Uncharted 4 and Last of Us Remastered also get a lot of praise for good reasons. I've been enjoying the Dishonored series too, which says a lot since I'm normally not a fan of stealth games at all :-p
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    wow, sounds like our xmases are amazing in terms of gaming haha
    I'm also on vacation in Houston ATM, which is pretty cool since there are a bunch of museums here lol. only downside is that I didn't bring my laptop so I'm stuck with just my phone otl

    CONGRATS ABOUT ENGLISH, BTW!!! You definitely had that in you ;-)
    Something tells me you'll be enjoying the hell out of winter break haha
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    wow hey, glad to see you back on!!
    I've been great :-D
    nothing's changed much w/ my life, just been playing Pokemon Sun A LOT and I got a PS4 recently to replace my old PS3. won't have to play on my PC anymore!! yay for that lol
    what's going on w/ you??
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The transition from Middle to High School

by Cam, on 08-28-2014 at 07:08 PM
So I have been in high school for about 10 days now and I want to share my transition with those of you starting high school soon! It was a pretty easy transition for me. *NOT EVERYONES TRANSITION WILL BE LIKE MINE AS I GO TO TWO SCHOOLS PER DAY* Anyways, I left the house and got to the Fine Arts Center, where I have started taking Voice, at 8:00. It was nerve-racking sitting there waiting for World Geography to start. Not gonna lie. But once I started, I was fine. At about 11, I went outside the

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Last Extremely Active Day :/

by Cam, on 08-17-2014 at 02:44 PM
School starts on Tuesday, hindering me from being on TBT very much due to a ton of homework, so I will only be active sometimes on weekends :/. And tomorrow, my Mom and I are driving down to where my sister lives to help her pack her bags as she is moving back home, so I will be moving boxes and unable to come to TBT. I will miss you all and look forward to the time that I can get on and talk to you all! Goodbye!

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