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  1. Lol I mean I asked my parents for a Marshal T-shirt and my Grandma for a Marshal stuffy and no one blinked an eye. I'm 17 by the way. Also I know that feel, sometimes I can't decide what I want my avatar to be.
  2. You should totally ask for one!
  3. The only bad part about that image is that someone purposely let their Waluigi doll get wet for the photo. HERESY!
  4. Well I just looked at your avatar and started laughing. Thanks. XD
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    Woah hey are you alright? I mean it doesn't seem like it, but I really hope you feel better, and I just wanted to say I think you're a super cool person and I know you can make it through whatever is happening so just hang in there <3
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    wow sorry for trying to be your friend and talking to you :^^)
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    yeah i just love how people defend sm64 so hard for various reasons like it's flawless.. it's not lol
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    excuse me at least i'm not into 80s weird rock lol
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    why would i want one
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    Lol yeah I just don't get why people think it's so great though... They at least have worked way more on it lol.
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June 11, 1999 (18)
About xSuperMario64x
Hello! I go by xSuperMario64x or simply N64 on this forum.

A Few Things About Me! :)
-I am 18 years old, and I am a freshman in college.
-My main hobby is playing piano, and I study piano and astrophysics in college.
- My other hobbies include drawing, 3D Modeling, interior design, and Nintendo games.
-I am an N64 junkie. Watch out.

Video game stuffs!!!!

-Super Mario and Animal Crossing are my favorite game series.
-I have been playing New Leaf since May 29, 2014.
-I actually got the games in order! (AC:GCN in Jan. 2008; AC:WW in June 2008; AC:CF in Jan. 2009; AC:NL in May 2014)
-My favorite villager in the whole Animal Crossing series is Leopold! I'm his #1 fan. *blush*
-I am Super Mario 64's #1 fan!
-Wario and Waluigi are the best brothers.
-Chain Chomps are my favorite enemies.

If you ever need to know anything about everything related to Super Mario or Animal Crossing, give me a jingle. I'm pretty sure I can help. ^o^ ❀ ♥ ♫
Cornfield Ohio
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
New Leaf - Dream Address:
New Leaf - Dream Villagers:
Got them all! :3
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You've heard of Elf on the Shelf...

by xSuperMario64x on Yesterday at 04:39 PM
Now get ready for


I'm sorry that was horrible xDDD

Updated Yesterday at 04:39 PM by xSuperMario64x

xSuperMario64x's Blog

SM64 Screenshot #3: Walking in a Winter Wonderland... Risking my Life!

by xSuperMario64x on 12-01-2017 at 06:31 PM
Welcome back to my SM64 Screenshot blog, your source for in-game comments, straight from Super Mario 64's #1 fan! Happy December, y'all! Time to bust out the Christmas lights, swirly candy canes, and jolly holiday tunes! While everyone's having fun in the snow this Winter, our friend Mario will be taking on a much bigger task...

Walking in a Winter Wonderland... Risking my Life!

Here, we see a Chill Bully in his natural habitat:

Read More

SM64 Screenshot #2: Head Under Water, Breathing Fine (Literally)

by xSuperMario64x on 11-29-2017 at 11:04 PM
Welcome back to my SM64 Screenshot blog, your source for in-game comments, straight from Super Mario 64's #1 fan! I'm here today to review a rather quirky screenshot I happened to take not too long ago:

Head Under Water, Breathing Fine (Literally)

I was just chillin in one of my favorite areas in the game, Jolly Roger Bay. The music in this level is very calm and nostalgic, and is considerably the best water-level theme in the whole

Read More

Updated 11-29-2017 at 11:07 PM by xSuperMario64x

xSuperMario64x's Blog , Super Mario 64 Screenshots

Not an Awkward Situation At All.

by xSuperMario64x on 11-24-2017 at 06:56 PM
As many of you know, there is an app on Facebook called "On This Day", where you can look back on posts you've shared/made on that day in different years. Today I happened to stumble across this picture, which has made me laugh every year I've seen it:

Last year my phone wallpaper was Enterprise D. Unfortunately I can't marry a starship from 300 years in the future...

But of course, now I have an issue. What's the problem? Well,

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Updated 11-24-2017 at 07:02 PM by xSuperMario64x


SM64 Screenshot #1: Angry Chain Chomp

by xSuperMario64x on 11-04-2017 at 12:51 PM
Hello, and welcome to my first SM64 Screenshot blog! In each blog, I will review a screenshot (take by yours truly) from my favorite video game of all time, Super Mario 64! I created this blog to present my thoughts on different aspects of the game, hopefully giving people insight on why I praise it so much!

Without further ado, let's start with our first screenshot:

The Angry Chain Chomp

I was just messing with

Read More

Updated 11-04-2017 at 12:53 PM by xSuperMario64x

xSuperMario64x's Blog , Super Mario 64 Screenshots

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