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    Thanks ! let me know if you wanna visit any of the RV's
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    Hi! I noticed that you visited my blog post and just wanted to drop by
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    Oh it's great to hear you decided to do whole year! Yeah, dead trees and weeds just look so pretty! I'm definitely going for the whole year too. I mean since my town's medieval either way, I might as well keep the plague aspect too.
    And hehheh thanks so much! I guess it does look kinda nice but just not how I intended! It seems to boring compared to all the great DAs (like yours!) that I've visited. Something's off about the overall feel but I just don't know how to make it look better!
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    Omg haha that YES & NO idea sounds like so much fun. I'm really exited to see if your curse will spread to all villagers! It'd be cool to see a town where all villagers wear the same outfit! Especially a creepy one like yours! It's gonna look awesome! For the other shirt, I bet your villagers would love another pink one. : D
    Are you going to drop the challenge at some point, by the way? I seem to recall something like that?
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    That's a neat idea! I haven't seen anyone else do anything like that! It'd go really well with the inn and cafe you already have, too! I get a super cozy and welcomed feeling when I think about them all hahah.

    Hehheh I'm sure the curse'll start spreading in your town eventually! I know the default chicken shirts do! /shudders I'm using *cough* as the catchphrase. Other villagers' catchphrases seem to be spreading, just not Rodney's! Have you made more designs for your villagers or do you have the one you made earlier?
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    Oo cool! What plans do you have for the new rooms? It's great that they added so many new items in the update, they give so many new possibilities when it comes to decorating! Most of the WA items are super pretty too!
    And yeah, Coco's super nice but I do have my suspicions. >:d Rodney remains the only cursed villager so far. He actually got double-cursed, lol! I want more infects. But at least more villagers are finally starting to wear the outfits I made for them so that's good! How's the curse spreading in your town?
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    Oo did it take long to find that beautiful sunset? I don't remember the last time I saw one of those! Is your town wholly complete or do you still have minor decorating or landscaping to do? How do you go on about playing in such a complete town? ;A; I'm a bit worried about not being able to stay interested
    Omg hahahaha Coco doesn't dig the plans you have for the town! You better keep an eye on her because one of these days she's gonna compile a weed-picking squad and you're gonna wake up to a tidy town. : DD
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    It was so beautiful! I'll definitely be visiting again later!
    I don't have a DA for my other town but hopefully soon! I've been working on it a lot and really want to see it finished already, haha!
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    Yesss I'm sure whatever you do will end up looking great! I visited Tinytree and now I'm permanently impressed by your decor skills! : D Your houses were so pretty! The whole town was! I loved the flower combos! Eggs house was my favorite, the decor was so clever and all the different pieces fit together so welll. aa Everything was just so pretty!
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    Hmm yeah, green, modern wood and cabin would probably work best! Here's some combos I think might work with the look you're going for...
    Dark green + cabin (in birch or normal)
    Dark green + modern wood (+ cardboard?)
    Cabin/dark green/modern wood + alpine customized with some kind of flannel pattern
    Dark green + classic (violet brown or chocolate) + exotic?
    Dark green + ranch (beige or white)
    Ranch + cabin: uncustomized or cabin in birch/ranch in white
    Cabin + mush?
    For Rahkoi's house I thought I'd use mostly dark green, cabin with maybe exotic, modern wood and classic here and there. Also there are some really nice update items that I'm gonna use! Overall I think the choices are pretty limited tho!
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Jules gets the band back together

by dizzy bone on 02-06-2017 at 06:46 AM

I finally bought HHD and I'm loving it! I feel more connected to the game when I see Tinytree's residents in the facilities because I imagine it as an extension of my New Leaf town. I don't own any amiibo cards, so I was lucky to catch my girls Hazel and Freckles at the banquet hall of the hotel. I convinced them to get the band together.

more HHD pics under the cut!

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Updated 02-06-2017 at 07:02 AM by dizzy bone

Tinytree , HHD

Tinytree's small business owners!!

by dizzy bone on 01-28-2017 at 07:01 AM

I finally got round to adding extra rooms to my character Eggs's cafe! He now runs Tinytree's grocer, providing luxury goods to residents such as cheese and easy-to-open watermelons.

Villagers can buy their fish if they're too lazy to catch it themselves. No more freebies!! There's also a public telephone to contact the outside world with.

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Dizzy appreciation post

by dizzy bone on 01-24-2017 at 06:06 AM

The one thing I regret about resetting my old town Kenka for my 1-year challenge town is losing my BFF Dizzy. Hopefully some day I'll get him in Kiri! Here are a few screen shots I found while digging through my SD card.

When Dizzy brought me the moon <3

That time I ninja'd his bug

Dizzy always

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Updated 01-25-2017 at 02:04 AM by dizzy bone


Winter in Tinytree

by dizzy bone on 12-27-2016 at 10:56 AM

Happy holidays everyone! Just a few pictures of some wintry scenes in Tinytree so far. Winter is not my favourite season in ACNL... I don't like the look of snow in my town and the snowfall ruined months of hard work creating my dirt paths... but I guess it does have its moments! Here's one from the aurora borealis.

I booted up my game on Toy Day only to realise

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Connecting Hazel (and other PWPs)

by dizzy bone on 12-22-2016 at 11:28 AM

So anyone who has the map with the thin strip of land near the train station and the river will understand how frustrating landscaping it can be. I built an apple orchard there, right next to Hazel's house, but it still wasn't a good enough reason to venture out to it every day. I mainly felt lonely for Hazel, who never has any animal visitors and is so disconnected from the rest of the village.

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Updated 12-22-2016 at 11:30 AM by dizzy bone


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