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    And apparently a lot of the main developers of Symphonia left to work on Vesperia instead of the sequel. I never knew that until recently, so now that kind of explains why it seems like a completely different game, and why a lot of people said it was a downgrade and "a disgrace to Symphonia".

    I'm soooo glad you brought up Guy btw, I love him and how he spazzes out near women lmao. When he's meeting the group for the first time and everyone's casually introducing themselves, then Tear strolls up for a handshake and he instantly springs back. And she just keeps stepping closer, then he just keeps stepping back.... LOVED THAT, I DIED LOL. Eager to go deeper into that game, 'cause I'm hoping they'll eventually explain the origin of his phobia. And yea Luke beating the hell out of Mieu is great, I appreciate that so much. I can't stand that furball. The cast is quality though, I'm into basically all of them except maybe Ion.
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    But she grew on me; She's actually pretty cute sometimes, especially with Lloyd. And yea her Flanoir scene is great, she was very sweet and insightful there, I really like the things she told Lloyd. They always had great interactions.

    I forgot there even was a sequel for ToS lol but nah I don't think I'll be playing that. Heard it was trash, and there's just too many negatives that turn me away from the game, so I'd never want to spend money on it 'cause I don't think I'd enjoy it. The new characters are insufferable pains in the ass to me, especially the protagonist. He's that whimpy whiny type that I hate so much. Highly dislike the voice acting + The original ToS cast got new voices, including Lloyd which is SO UNFORTUNATE.
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    Oh don't worry, I do the same thing with responses~

    Same, she was very irritating, I used to dislike her so much in my first playthrough. Now I feel bad looking back, because it's not like she's a bad person or anything, plus she was putting her ass on the line to save the world, which is something kids shouldn't have to do, soooo I think I gave her too hard of a time back then haha. But idk, something about her got under my skin so much. I think it was her constant apologizing and the super kind goodie-goodie trope, which isn't one of my preferred tropes at all. Plus she could be pretty ditzy at times. Like I think it was when she opened the entrance to the fire seal, and she's like "WOW! I guess I AM the chosen afterall!" I'm sitting there rolling my eyes shouting "NO ****." I thought she was born the chosen?? She was aware of her purpose long before it was even time for her to fulfill it, so I couldn't believe she said something like that lmao.
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    ya, I had some on new years! wasn't huge on it though. kinda gross
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    But don't worry, I definitely understand! When you have a wonderful experience with a game, you can't help but think back to it when you play other games. It's kinda subconsciously set the standard, so when you play future games, you'd wanna co-relate it to that really positive experience you had before. Every time I start a new Tales game, Symphonia is always in my thoughts, it can't be helped lol. I think it's okay to compare the games, just as long as we make sure the attachment doesn't prevent us from discovering even more great experiences, yknow? But no problem, I'd be happy to tell you about more of the Tales games! I love getting the chance to talk about the series, since most other people I talk with have never even heard of it...which is tragic </3.
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    I'm not sure when writers changed, but due to the change of style the games have faced overtime, it'd make sense that it happened at some point. I'll have to look into that sometime to be sure. And true, Abyss feels a lot like Symphonia, probably because it released shortly after [like 2 years later I think?], so the styles are similar. The characters in Abyss are amazing too. Their group dynamic is hilarious, there's so many funny, entertaining moments between everyone, they're great....Well I'm not too fond of Luke, but I don't think he was meant to be liked at first, so it's all good lol. He has his moments, though.
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    I kinda vanished for a few days, sorry lol.
    But yeah, I feel ya. I like when characters deviate from the typical tropes they're assigned to. It's nice when they have more depth. Colette was pretty typical with the selfless hero role she had to take on, but she had an impressive level of resolve for someone her age, which is admirable, so even if she wasn't as interesting compared to the rest of the cast, she still fit in nicely and I really appreciate her presence. She's a sweet kid haha.

    But yeah, Mikleo's humor...very, very dry. And he'll toss insults at Sorey, which is part of what reminded me of Genis, because I remember Genis always throwing shade at Lloyd [and everyone tbh, kid's a lowkey savage] in Symphonia. Which was hilarious to me LOL. Mikleo's also very helpful and Sorey's right-hand man + bestie, and he seems pretty willing to follow him anywhere and stand by his side, so that reminded me of Genis/Lloyd's dynamic a bit too.
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    GIVE SHANE BEER. that is all. just give him so much beer and he will absolutely love you. you can buy it from gus!
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    the 1.1 update was like the most exciting thing ever. i'm so glad the creator has worked tirelessly to make the game fantastic. can't wait for the next!

    ya it is hard, most people dislike it. but keep practicing and you'll get it!
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    when I began playing standard was the only choice, so that was my main farm! since then i've gone with the forest and riverlands farm, riverlands probably being my favourite in terms of aesthetics. how about you?
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