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Things that really grind my gears.

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Not the act of it so much, but the title. For a signature, a picture with a white background, or transparent hugging is considered a render. Why? This isn't true at all. Rendering is the generation of a 3 Dimensional image using a specific program. Sure, some things could be considered renders like an item or a character, if it was created in a 3D medium and has certain specifications, but a digitally drawn character through photoshop is -NOT- a render. It's just something that irks me every time I see it. I'm nitpicky. Pokemon sprites are not renders either. Anime is not rendered. Don't go there.

This one is something that gets on many peoples nerves, but mine especially. Namely in the way people spell or treat the English language. UR A COOL DUD YAH? Is not english. UR is not a word. U is not a word. R is not a word. You have a full bloody keyboard, so spell correctly. That's a real big one on my list. I refuse to even talk to people who don't take the time to spell things properly. Even texting on a phone. I used a numeric keyboard for years and through diligence and practice was able to spell correctly using complete grammar for my efforts. Don't even go there. Which brings me to..

Not in the general sense of the word, but saying that something is too hard because you don't understand the fundamentals is lazy. You need to research something before you can even begin to dictate that it's too difficult. Nothing is impossible, everything is achievable. It just takes levels of dedication to get there. "I can't" shouldn't even be a part of a conversation.

Just a short rant.
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