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MoonGlow Tours Part 6 - Texas House

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It's time to return to the MoonGlow Tours. Yesterday, I went over the California house and how each room relates to California. Today, it's going to be about the Texas house, which is also in Southern MoonGlow. The owner of this house is Jordan, the first character I created after Andrea.

Façade and Location:

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The house is a basic old mansion model rather than the fancier models. I wanted to make it look more like a log cabin in the countryside. Even if Texas has six of the 20 largest cities in the United States, it's more of a rural state due to its' size and flat land. In fact, it has one of the highest rural populations in the US. This is why it looks like a ranch house from the wilderness.

The location of the house seems to be isolated from the rest of the town due to its location being right close to a cliff with only one way in. The California house is close to three of the villagers and Café Plaza. The New York house is close to six of the villagers and Main Street. The Florida house is close to Town Hall and the Plaza. But the Texas house, is isolated from the rest of the town. This could be related to how Texas is (according to politics) ideologically different from the rest of the United States, and how the Texas is like its own country rather than part of the United States. The isolation of the Texas house from the rest of the town could also relate to the nickname - the Lone Star State.

Prairie Town Room:

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When most people think of Texas, they think of it as a dry, desert state like the Wild West. That may be true, but only to West Texas. You see, Texas is divided into five different regions - East Texas, South Texas, Central Texas, West Texas, and the Panhandle. I live in a small town in the middle of a forest, which is all over East Texas. But most of the state is rather a grassland that is flat and hilly. Very rarely you will see mountains in Texas like you can in the western states.

The main room in the Texas house looks like a small town in the middle of the Panhandle Plains. The western-style vista and the grassy floor clearly shows that. The western furniture represents the rural part of Texas and the small towns in the state. The Texas flag over the watering trough (and in other rooms) represents Texas pride, which is common all over the state. The guitar is a country guitar, and country music is very popular in the South. Finally, that monarch butterfly in the corner was placed there because the monarch butterfly is the Texas state insect.

San Antonio Shop:

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The left room has the same concept as the right room in the California house, but the same Mexican wall and floor like in the back room in the California house. The difference though is that the room is supposed to be a representative of San Antonio. You see, San Antonio has a lot of Latin-American influence, but it's not isolated from the whole "Texas-culture". In addition, the shop seems to be more like a gift shop from the San Antonio Riverwalk. If you want to know why the left room was the San Antonio room, it's because San Antonio is the westernmost city in Texas to exceed 1 million people in population.

Dallas Street Fair:

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The back room in the Texas house is based on the city of Dallas. San Antonio is the more historical city of Texas, but Dallas is the spirit of Texas. It's where the arts and media of Texas come from, it has the most popular football team in America, and has the largest metropolitan area in Texas. For that reason, I gave it a city-like background. The cars and bikes represent travel and tourism, but the ride and lights represent the tourist attractions. And even if I put Texas flags in every room, the back room has the actual flag furniture piece. If you want to know why the back room was the Dallas room, it's because Dallas is the northernmost city in Texas to exceed 1 million people in population.

Houston Space Hotel:

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The right room may seem like a spaceship room or a future-themed room, but it's not the sci-fi theme I'm trying to capture. It's what Houston is about. It's where NASA is, even if it's headquartered in DC. Houston has a space center. Unlike the other large cities in Texas, Houston isn't as historical, but it's about the technology. So I made a room resembling the future, which is based on Houston. The spaghetti bowls represents restaurants, which I admire a lot in Houston. If you want to know why the right room was the Houston room, it's because Houston is the easternmost city in Texas to exceed 1 million people in population.

7-Eleven Store:

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Easily the worst representative of the state compared to the rest of the room, but I seemed to like Animal Crossing's DLC themes and themes based on real world brands, so I made the basement based on a 7-Eleven convenience store. But how does this represent Texas? The reason is that 7-Eleven is headquartered in Texas. Pretty interesting.

Country House Room:

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Finally, the top room which occupies as the role for Jordan's bedroom is a country room. I know the furniture series is one of these boring GameCube version furniture series rather than one of the newer ones, but that is the most Texas-like furniture series. The music is K.K. Country, which is a representative of country music. And of course, the room seemed rural-themed, which rural living is common in Texas.

That's all for the Texas house. Stay tuned for the next entry to the MoonGlow Tours.


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