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Much Of Mistwood


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Hi everyone, it's me, Pink! (or pinkcotton, I don't care!) ^_^

Just making it known that I will be getting a second copy hopefully on Thursday ~☆

Town Name: Mistwood

Mayor Name: Irene / Still deciding.

Side Character Names: Selene and still deciding.

Theme: Woodsy! (Overflown with cedar trees and clovers all over the place.)

Dreamies: Felyne, Kyle, June, Fauna, Deirdere, Vivian, Marshal, Bam, Molly, and Bonbon! ♡

And I will be blogging every day one here, so be prepared for that! ^-^

P.S I didn't go all out with this blog entry, I totally would've but it's 11:48pm right now for me, so I should go to bed. (:
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