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❀ Irisvale Day 7 - March 15th, 2017

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❀ Day 7 - Happy birthday, Mayor Crystal! ❀

It's very cold and very nice out where I live irl, so I decided to start my day off right by taking a walk. (1,351 steps according to my 3DS!)

As you can see, today is my 22nd birthday! ♥
New villager = New plot. I reset for Étoile after she was able to live in my town.

Since it wasn't Krisadra's birthday, I loaded up her first. Turns out Leif's Garden Shop is open! She stopped by and bought all the flowers and the cedar sapling Leif had.
Harvey finally had something I(or rather, Kris) was interested in! She bought a Moss Ball for 5 coupons. Jack the Pumpkin was back today. She said hi, but that was it.
After that, she did a bunch of favors for some villagers, paid off her loan and got the Secret Storeroom upgrade, and talked to Sable. (She also bought a yellow raincoat from Mabel, and an oil lamp from the Nooklings.) Save and quit.

~Mayor Crystal~
Immediately when I load up myself, Isabelle said happy birthday to me! (I know Leif is open today, Isabelle, Kris already said hello.)

When I left my house, Wolfgang was right outside waiting for me! "Crystal! Don't ask questions! Just keep quiet and follow me!"
So I did.

Once we entered Wolfgang's house..


Carmen and Astrid were there too!! ♥

The three of them got together and planned a party.. Just for me! They even made a cake.. How sweet of them! ; v ;

He said to make a wish.. So I did.. my wish for 2017..
"I wish to be a better person."

Sad, but it's true. I haven't been taking good care of myself lately because I've been fighting depression for a very loooooong time.. Plus I don't think I was very nice last year either.. Or healthy.

This year I'm trying to put myself first and love myself again. I've always hated myself so much because of what I look like and how awfully negative I can be.. This year I'm making a change.

I guess you could say..

I'm turning over a New Leaf this year.

(sorry not sorry)

I went to blow out the candles..

And they gave me a present!!
..It was..
Charcoal Tile! (One of my favorite carpets in the game! I like how it looks, it blends pretty well with the Parlor Wall imo.)

Wolfgang asked about my birthday wish..
I decided to tell him. I want my villagers to know about how I'm doing too.. They're..

They're the only friends I have... (in real life that is. I have so many wonderful friends here in TBT ♥)

Of course, even though it's my birthday, I have mayoral duties to do. So we ended my party early.

Back in front of my house, I checked the -- ..what?

There was another gift next to my house..
"Happy Birthday, Crystal!" ...It was.. A gold stereo!
..Who.. Who gave me this?

..Anyway, I went to save my old letters from Astrid, Wolf Link, and Carmen before I checked today's mail.

..Mom.. (She was at work today IRL so she couldn't say happy birthday in person like she usually does every year.)

Her letter made me cry. ; v ;
What in-game mom wrote in her letter is EXACTLY what real mom would say IRL.
Thank you, mom.. ♥
(..A flying saucer?! LOL!)

Crazy Redd was back today! I bought the Nice Painting, the only genuine one there. (This one is always genuine.)

Wolfgang wanted to see my house. (Again.) He commented on how I had a lot of rare stuff.
I'm a collector by heart, bro.

Lucy wanted to give Wolfgang a present. It was a Sunset Tee! Wolfgang gave me a mango as a gift! I planted it right away!

Astrid wanted a perfect fruit, so I gave her a perfect cherry. She gave me the Sleek Wall! (which looks nice with the charcoal tile from earlier!)

I went to visit Carmen's house. The sunflower I gave her was still there. ♥

After that, I did the usual Main Street stuff. Nooklings, Sable, Blathers, and Nook. (I went for the Secret Storeroom upgrade next.)

Today's Fortune Cookie was.. a Fire Flower! ❀

I decided to construct a street lamp today. Half and half donations by yours truly and Krisadra. Same as usual.

I sent letters to Wolfgang, Carmen, and Astrid about my wonderful birthday party and how thankful I am for having good friends like them. ♥(for Astrid I sent her the cream sofa she had in re-tail back to her)

No one was scanned today.. So I decided to call it a day.. And it was a wonderful day at that.

"...But.. Who gave me the stereo? Lucy? Marty? One of the other villagers? ...Isabelle?"
I shrugged. A gift was a gift, even if it was anonymous.
"..Oh well. Guess I'll call it a day."

.. outside of Mayor Crystal's house..

Krisadra: "...Happy birthday, Crystal."

..And that's all for day 7! A full week has passed in Irisvale! I'll be covering day 8 tomorrow! ❀
Thanks for reading! ★

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