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why is pennsylvania so hot oh my god
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  1. MadisonCrossing's Avatar
    If you think Pennsylvania is hot, come on down to Texas! We have temperatures in the high 90's and even low 100's every day!
    I'm serious, it gets soo hot here ; u ;
    Updated 07-01-2014 at 04:04 PM by MadisonCrossing
  2. PaperLuigi3's Avatar
    Or Kansas. We've had two different tornadoes yesterday, and four hours of sunshine in between.
  3. Candy83's Avatar
    Hello, lynn105!

    I'm new to looking over Blogs. And I did post one on 07.26.2014. I came across this.

    My home state of Michigan gets the humidity. When it's over 85 degrees, you start to feel uncomfortable. It's the Great Lakes.

    I was in Washington, D.C. and the northern part of Virginia for Independence Day a few years ago. You really get hit with a lot of discomfort if you generally don't feel too good in hot summer weather.

    I've been told the best major area in which to live, if you don't want discomfort (and would appreciate consistency), is San Diego, California.

  4. Capella's Avatar
    because nature