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  1. Why pacman avatar? Eating ghosts, are you?
  2. I'll be your real life Lolly.
  3. just checked
  4. When we move, we're probably going to find some of his tennis balls under the couch or something. I want one to remember him and I want to keep it in my sock drawer so whenever I change, I will never forget.

    He was a smart dog. We usually had to have a leash or something so he doesn't run away when he's outfront but when my Dad took him to the vet this morning, he had nothing... he knew what was happening... we don't usually let him anywhere outside but the backyard... he knew what was happening... I believe he did. My Dad told him he was laying on the table, my Dad holding his paw, him knowing what was happening... he didn't up a fight, bark, or anything... and that's not like him. He was ready, he was ready to go... It's sad. Very sad. He knew what was happening and he was ready. I wasn't ready.
  5. I've recalled the first day we got him... was around the 1st or 2nd year we were in Texas and my older sister got to stay home for whatever reason, I think she was "sick" and when I came home, my Mom was on the carport holding a leash and he was so cute and such a puppy. lol And my sister was just sitting there petting him, my older sister was. This was when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade. Same house, same everything. I've watch him turn from a young pup to an old hound. We're moving soon and I was hoping he'd be able to come with us and experience a new state, new house, new environment and maybe that'd help him out with how sick he was. Maybe it was just Texas or being in a close-knit suburb-like neighborhood. He's not getting the chance now. I just wish and wished and didn't even think he wouldn't have not gotten the chance. I had planned and expected for him to move with us. Hell, my Dad and Mom were saying the dog will probably go in said car and the cats in other said car...
  6. He's been extremely sick this past month. My Mom just got him some pills, benadrill or something like that, to help. This morning, from what my Dad told me, he woke up and both of his eyes, not just one, was very messed up and so after drinking his coffee, he took him, Patchy, to the vet in Copperas Cove... that's when the vet suggested it... and...

    I was sleeping... I wish I was up early like I usually am and didn't sleep in...

    I didn't get to say goodbye or anything... last night I yelled at him for opening up my door since he can open it because the doorknob is broken. I feel bad, terrible, and wish I treated him differently...

    I remember when we had BBQs a few years back and I would throw the ball, the tennis ball, and he would catch it and bring it back. He didn't stop no matter what. Even if he started bleeding or the ball landed somewhere it wasn't suppose to land.
  7. Life is life. I'm Raskell, you're pinkcotton.
  8. Ash is the one who started drama. I don't care about drama.
  9. You don't have to be like this.

    Stop holding a grudge for me not wanting my TBT to go to a group that I didn't want to be apart of anymore.
  10. And that's why you're no longer of my friends list.
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