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  1. honestly i think it would be fair if you just sent the 70 we agreed on considering the wait, the missing items, and the fact that you included the other 3 things after we'd already set the refund then didn't ask to change it until now lol. just saying.
  2. How about 62? Since I gave you 3 more items? n.n
  3. thought we said 70 tbt
  4. Which would be how much?
  5. still waiting on the refund
  6. Okay I have the stuff listed below, the Sanrio items, and I manged to get a ring, flower wreath, and cypress plant.
  7. Alrighty then. Be over soon!
  8. rather, i would prefer to cancel anything you can't bring during this trip - so any other items that may be ready i'm happy to pay for as well. thanks again xx
  9. if you would get the missing sanrio items that would be great, i don't mind waiting. i would prefer to cancel the rest though, thanks anyway xx
  10. I can get them, but it'll take about 7 minutes. Also, you're order is like 5 items from ready but I have so go to sleep soon meaning I'll have to deliver the other-other items tomorrow, unless you still want to cancel?
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