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  1. yay!
    being a girl is hard smh
  2. i'm not too bothered! honestly wouldn't have the energy to enter any competitions, but i did vote!
  3. too bad that you missed the fair
  4. likewise !!
    i legit kinda just forgot about this place for a few months lmao
  6. :((((((
  7. i think bc it's here and because it's big, targeted to ppl our age at a concert of an artist i enjoy, as well as how people have been affected by it?? i feel awful for the families who are still looking for their children and relatives, the kids whose parents and grandparents and aunties and uncles or friends' parents were waiting for them and they ended up dying or getting hurt with the children lost.
    i also feel awful for ari, she must feel so much responsibility and fear and guilt even though it wasn't down to her, but i see why she'd feel responsible since she just wanted fans to have the greatest night of their lives, not their last.
  8. Im*
  9. I really don't know why it's emotionally shaken by it, but this time it's really hit me hard. I think it was because I was at one of her concerts a couple of nights before. I can't even imagine what families are going through rn, taking their kids to a fun concert, and coming back with no kids. I'm so sad, I can't even begin to imagine what Ariana must be feeling right now, she's calling herself a murderer and she's broken. My poor baby ((
  10. we could have been in the same room and not realised !! i kind of thought about it for a bit bc a friend invited me but i was like 'nah i'm good'
    i'm actually really emotionally affected by it???? i just feel awful for everyone involved and i'm getting pretty paranoid about going out. i was planning on going to birmingham next week but now i'm not sure because i kinda feel like 'what if', plus it's the biggest city after london. they've even got armed officers outside bullring.
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