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  1. I already have one, thx though!
  2. hey! are you interested in buying a goomba collectible? i just know that you like buying collectibles
  3. Okay. C:
  4. I'll pass but please tell if you have any na codes or you'd be willing to sell cn rewards to me, thanks.
  5. Okay.
    Maybe 300 TBT? That's the lowest.
  6. Since it's EU, I'll pass, sorry. I'm saving up for 400 na club nintendo coins..
  7. What were you thinking? I was thinking 300-400 TBT.
  8. Sorry, I don't but I maybe might need this so could you make me an offer? I want this for low though. :3
  9. Okay!
    Do you know anyone else? I need this sold lol
  10. I'm not eu so no.
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