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  1. Shopping

    by , Today at 09:59 AM (Salem-by-the-Sea and The Forest of Hollowyn)
    Quiet day, for the most part. I've completed my town initiatives and bought up some items from the campground visitors. Yesterday, Wendell was in and I got his painting. I'm kind of disappointed that you can't hang it on the wall, but I've put it in the kitchen, and it does look nice.

    Today is Franklin. I got all the food items from him. I figure I'll be able to get the furniture from him at Thanksgiving.

    I ran into Midge first thing this morning, and she asked me to ...
  2. Lazy weekend

    by , Yesterday at 07:08 AM (Salem-by-the-Sea and The Forest of Hollowyn)
    Lazy in Salem, anyway. RL is another story.

    Goldie got herself moved in, but she must have decided she needs some new stuff, because she spent the day hanging out on Main Street. I didn't get a peek at her house until this morning. It kind of reminds me of Lolly's, with the modern wood stuff. Vic asked me if I had met her yet. He seemed surprised to find that "she isn't boring", but expressed approval at her inclusion to the town. As if I'd invite someone unsuitable! ...
  3. Super Mario Sunshine Level Review - Part 5

    That's four levels down, but I still have 3 to go as well as Delfino Plaza and the Airstrip

    Sirena Beach:

    Once Mario gets Yoshi, he can get rid of the pineapple blocking the pipe on top of the courthouse (I assume it's the courthouse). While Gelato Beach and Pinna Park seems pretty bright, Sirena Beach is rather dark because of the horror elements. An interesting fact about this level is that it's the only level you can access once the town is flooded. The portals to ...
  4. New villager coming

    by , 07-20-2017 at 08:12 PM (Salem-by-the-Sea and The Forest of Hollowyn)
    Woke up this morning and did the plot reset for Goldie's House. I lost a PWP in placing the villager's tent, but it was only a topiary, and I wasn't completely in love with it, so that's okay. I lucked out, having to reset three times. The first time was right in front of Town Hall, the second was behind Midge's house, in the park, and the third time was right between Bonbon and Vic, along the row of most villagers (only Midge and Beardo are near me). Perfect! I took down one tree and changed the ...
  5. Has anyone else had this?

    by , 07-19-2017 at 10:04 AM (Salem-by-the-Sea and The Forest of Hollowyn)
    Redd was in town yesterday, so I bought the Serene Painting from him. It's already been donated to the Museum, but it'll fit nicely into my house. I also visited Blanca in the campground and purchased the cat tower.

    This morning, I got up and checked the mail. I had a couple of items I re-ordered from the NBs (Nookling Bandits), a letter from Vic, and doubles for both Redd and the campground item. I know I didn't order two paintings from Redd, since that's impossible, and I only used ...