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  1. Mayoral Visor Activated #1

    I'm back!

    I feel like I should be a bit more committed to logging down my activited in both of my towns again, to get me writing a bit more and to keep track of all things Animal Crossing.

    I know, I've said these time and time again with both the Town Blogs and Space Blogs but you've all seen how they both went. I'll make a category for the Space Blogs soon I suppose.

    Anyways, let's get started.


    I remembered to plot ...
  2. Wisp gets brave

    by , Today at 08:48 AM (Salem-by-the-Sea and The Forest of Hollowyn)
    I finished getting the items from W. Link's RV, so once Hazel moves, I can bring him in. There's a small part of my brain that says I should hold off and try to get Sally, which was what I thought I was getting with Hazel way back when, but having 4 normal villagers would be a bit much. I love Midge, Kitt, and Goldie too much to move any of them out, Kitt needs her big sister Mathilda to be nearby, Dizzy, Beardo, and Vic are definitely staying put, Epona has just settled in, which leaves Roald. ...
  3. Elijah's Night Thoughts Part 1

    As I am planning on getting my name legally changed when I move out, I've been calling myself Elijah (Eli) for the past year and a half. Previously I was called Ash by online users (outside TBT because I was always referred to as Kuma on the forums), but I didn't think it was suitable for me. Recently I changed my Bell Tree Forums username to Elijo as an acknowledgement to both my dead name and my current name. Even more recently, I discovered that the name Elijah has my dead name initials in it ...
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  4. VanessaMay18's weird TBT dreams episode 1

    I've never used the blog before and idk if anyone will even read this but might as well try
    Sooooo I always have really, really weird dreams. And I always remember them. Lately a lot of them have been TBT themed and they're pretty amusing so I felt like sharing
    1. Dodgeball became a TBT fair event and we had to meet up in person and play for tickets. Justin was the referee. I'm super unathletic so I kept getting hit and eventually he felt bad for me and let me hand out tickets instead ...
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