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  1. The MoonGlow Report: Issue #04

    I have some bad news for you. Because of my rushing to kick some animals out, I couldn't take any screenshots for weeks 4 and 5. However, I did track the events. The fourth week didn't have much other than animals moving in and small touches of town development. But I can write my best.

    --Day 22: Andrea's first badge--

    January 23rd was a common crossroad back when I was time traveling back and forth multiple times, but after the paradox, I was able to play normally ...
  2. Town Rules

    I'm not that picky or strict about rules but I do have a few

    • Do not run unless it's on the path. I do have a lot of flowers and I don't want them trampled
    • Do not buy or sell anything in Re Tail and don't buy anything in my shops on Main Street unless you ask permission first
    • Talking to my villagers is okay
    • Do not shake my trees or take fruit or anything on the ground unless you ask permission first

  3. Note: Sorry if Wi Fi cuts off when

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