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  1. The Hero Episode

    For every villain episode, there has to be a hero episode... or twenty, judging by most modern TF series. Fingers crossed that my own ratio won't be nearly that bad!

    At any rate, here's the first hero-focused episode of life in Cybrtron.

    Optimus has taken it upon himself to landscape the town, mainly because Megatron made it clear that he'd rather "just pave the damn thing over and be done with it".

  2. Farewell, threads!

    Well, every thread on here for a while now returns a database error. It was nice having threads about but I suppose the best things in life only last for so long.
  3. Doing Dailies

    Not so much a blog entry, as a couple notes to myself. One of the most important parts of an MMORPG or sim game is the dailies - sure, the benefits are small, but they add up over time.

    So, the routine I'm going with (bearing in mind I'm roleplaying two PCs).

    Both Characters
    - get the mail
    - daily MEOW coupons
    - Bell rock
    - walk and talk/villager favors
    - check special villagers
    - check shops/work on unlock criteria
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  4. The Villain Episode

    In the G1 Transformers, there was nothing I looked forward to more than Decepticon-centric episodes. The villains had such strong personalities, and never got enough time to show them off.

    So, today's update is dedicated to Cybrtron's (supposedly) reformed villain - Megatron himself.

    Ol Megs continues to excel at catching rare and valuable specimens of wildlife, earning him ...

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  5. Bag of Cole Blog

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    Happy Holidays!
    So today I will be sharing what I want to have done for 2018 in my town.

    1. Kid Cat moved away
    2. Landscaped with bushes
    3. Made 3mil bells (I have only 1m)
    4. Get all fish
    5. Get all bugs
    6. Get pascal to visit
    7. Get Cole back (if you have him I would pay 1m bells in game)

    So yea