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  1. VanessaMay18's weird TBT dreams episode 3

    Yup, this weird blog that probably like 2 people read but I like writing anyways is back.
    All of my most recent dreams have been about the admins for some reason \_(ツ)_/ (I mean probably because they run TBT so they're the first thing my asleep self associates with the site)

    Without further ado:
    1. Justin...turned into Fox McCloud. He just. Turned into him. Idk how that works either. But this made him incapable of performing his admin duties anymore, so Oblivia ...
  2. A Love Lost, how she is so lost

    I realized I haven't posted much, and in such sparratic motions where I post quite a few threads a reply, and then disappear for months again.

    It's hard to find myself enjoying a lot of things that I used to.

    And the people I wish I could fulfill my previous promises, in due with art....

    I can't even like to draw for very long. All of the happiness was torn from me. I'm just trying to collect those pieces again and just be happy. ...
  3. It really looks like fall

    by , Yesterday at 09:31 AM (Salem-by-the-Sea and The Forest of Hollowyn)
    The trees and grass changed color again today. Autumn really is my favorite time of year (slow coming IRL, so I'll take it where I can get it), and I love the way the season shows in the game.

    When it comes to walking around, the southwest corner of town is one of my favorites, but standing still, just looking, I love this spot.

    Name:  fall colors.jpg
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    It's right at my entrance, leading over to Re-Tail. The apples and pears look nice planted together, ...
  4. Leaving (for real)

    Actually leaving today. I hate this place. Not giving my tbt or collectibles to anyone cause idk who really deserves it (plus I spent my whole entire summer to get all them)

    I may/probably visit in the future, but for now I'm quitting. Goodbye.
  5. first times in acnl

    so today, i bred my my first hybrids and ended up with a load of blue roses (alot of little old me, AND from other blue roses so i was kinda cheating but shush accomplishment) which im so happy about because its taken me so long haha!


    I BOUGHT MY FIRST DREAMIE!!! i got Bangle and i love her soso much. i've wanted her since i first saw her in a dream town a couple years back and now i finally have her. soso happy

    just thought id celebrate with ...