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  1. Town Rules

    I'm not that picky or strict about rules but I do have a few

    • Do not run unless it's on the path. I do have a lot of flowers and I don't want them trampled
    • Do not buy or sell anything in Re Tail and don't buy anything in my shops on Main Street unless you ask permission first
    • Talking to my villagers is okay
    • Do not shake my trees or take fruit or anything on the ground unless you ask permission first

  2. Note: Sorry if Wi Fi cuts off when

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  • check out my blog

    only just started so its not much yet but feel free to check out and follow

  • The MoonGlow Report: Issue #03

    Sorry for the huge delay, but I have been trying to fix the animal plots through cycling. Due to my excessive time traveling back and forth, every report I made in the month of January is not completely legit anymore. However, I did track major events that coincide on each day.

    --Day 15: Paradox--

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    The rest of the month of January seems to be messed up due to time paradoxes. I've been time traveling back and forth, using ...
  • Five AC features that need to change in the next game

    Even though I mentioned some of these multiple times in my game ideas, today's entry is going to be about five things that were the same in Animal Crossing since the GameCube version that I hope to see change in the future.

    The games have interesting progresses over time. Each game introduces new features or changes old features.

    • Since Wild World, you can change your character's hairstyle, Redd has sold counterfeits, Blathers can identify fossils, you were able to
  • What happens now?

    Well I was just reported, for a post I made. Sure I probably shouldn't have reacted that way, but I felt the user was being rude to some real helpful people.

    Anyway I'm working on my town Lilac and not sure what to do next. Landscaping and pwp wise, I wonder if I should create a da. Although the town isn't even 50% complete. Although I have all my dreamies, plus all pwp but jock pwp. So maybe it's 55% done. I still have a ton to do I feel.

    Updated 05-20-2017 at 03:40 AM by Lykaios

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