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  1. Blog Entry #3 -What's Been Happening in East Bay

    I dug my SD card reader out and since I've been playing for a good four or five hours, I decided to write about it!

    I tried using Joans' amiibo card. Remember how I said I bought two cards off the Internet? I didn't realise you could choose which ones you wanted, I assumed they were random, but the seller messaged me asking which ones I wanted. I replied with Mint and Fauna, two of my dreamies. They said they weren't in stock and I was supposed to pick from the spreadsheet. Oops! ...
  2. Blog Entry #2 -Happy Home Designer

    So I was at the speciality game store today and saw three Amiibo figurines for $75 all together. No thanks. I might get them later, if you can do anything on the Switch using them. I'm really excited for the new Animal Crossing. I know it won't release in March, because it wasn't mentioned in the livestream, but hopefully not too much longer to wait. I will get the new Just Dance and the new Mario Cart as well. The new Zelda looks interesting, too, not that I have even played Zelda before.
  3. O.Y.C. - Take Two!

    One Year Challenge 2017
    "Take Two!"


    Town: Bonbun
    Mayor: Pom
    Starting Villagers: Bertha, Bones, Mathilda, Puddles and Stinky
    Native Fruit: Pears

    Updated 01-15-2017 at 09:50 PM by Ghostelle

  4. welcome (first post! )

    umm so welcome to my blog!i will be posting about my time playing animal crossing new leaf (animal crossing, jump out) i will try to post every-other-day maybe once or twice a week depends on how busy i am anyway i will probably be posting at this time tomorrow so look for that post! bye and hope to see you in acnl!
  5. 1/1 Challenge - Day 14

    Tons of stuff happened!
    I got a Nintendo 3DS Station for doing a really good chain reaction in Puzzle League!
    Dr. Shrunk appeared front of house, will get Club LOL soon!
    Gulliver came, answer was Spain!
    Got the Club Tortimer thing!

    There's others, but I don't remember! Bye!