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  1. Second Day In Orange

    Second Day In Orange

    Although I didn't accomplish much, I did accomplish something! I started off a camp, which I can't wait to get rid of. The camp is an eyesore. It includes a few chests, a furnace, a crafting table, and a bed. :p After creating the camp, I decided to chop wood. Raskell the lumberjack, eh? While chopping wood, I noticed flowers not far from a pond. The pond is near the area I settled it, so I decided... why not beautify it? That's exactly what I did! :) I am not finished ...
  2. Developing Blossom: Day 1

    Hi everyone! It's your pink-obsessed girly! First blog entry! ^_^
    I thought I'd post the progress of my new town, Blossom!
    Today I have 5 of my dreamies. Lolly, Diana, Marshal, Merengue, and Gayle.
    Gayle just moved in today, I plotted her perfectly so I made a pink + white rose garden in the gap between my house and hers. Then I added a round streetlight! I also put down some paths today. Link to the pic is below!
    Thanks for reading this
  3. First Day In Orange

    First Day In Orange

    I decided to start the world off with a bonus chest. In the bonus chest I got common but useful things: oak wood, dark oak wood, axe, pickaxe, apples, and salmon. The bonus chest helped me survey and approach the territory in which I spawned was in. Luckily, I spawned in a prime starting location. The spawn point is surrounded by mobs, trees, and a place where building will be simple. It was essential for sheep to be near me as I needed to craft a bed. What kind of Minecraft ...

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  4. testING


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  5. Test test!

    So I want to test this out to show Tressawolf.

    If anyone else is reading this: hi!!!