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  1. Aberdeen, Day 1

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    After taking an incredibly long break, I felt like I needed a change. So, I sold my old town, Wishfall, to the devil Tom Nook and started afresh.

    The only rules I have set out for this town is: no time travel, no hacking and no trading. I'm taking this town and builidng it up au natural. Or, something like that.

    My villagers are:

    • Becky
    • Poncho
    • Vladamir
    • Peaches
    • Bubbles

    None ...
  2. I'm Back!

    Hello! I am back from hiatus, I actually forgot about this account for about two years or so. Sorry to my three or four readers, I didn't mean to just stop posting. I have since restarted my town, so Reverie is no longer in existence. I now have a new town though! It is called Phandom, a small village by the coast. I will be more active now, or at least try to be. I will also try to make daily blog posts again like I used to. I don't know if anyone will read this, or if any of my past readers are ...
  3. finals in one week

    sooo im in the 8th grade... i have finals in one week. anyone else in the 8th grade here?
  4. Taking a break from TBT

    Hi everyone!

    I just wanted to inform yall that I am taking a break from TBT. Why, you ask? Well, I feel like the collectible restocks are going straight to people's heads. The fact that they're restocked in small numbers, I feel, is unfair, and really messes up the TBT economy. Like, how someone buys a Mori collectible for 49 TBT and demands 4,000 TBT for it. That just seems a bit messed up to me.

    We are all becoming victims of this system. Heck, even my friends and ...
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  5. So this is now a thing!

    As yall may have noticed, I took my signature picture with my ACNL town info out of my signature. It's kind of irrelevant atm, since I'm on a New Leaf hiatus anyways. But don't worry, I replaced it with something even better...


    As you may have read in my last blog entry, my favorite SM enemy is the Chain Chomp. I personally just think they're really cute and funny creatures. They're always ...