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  1. I'm happy with silver

    by , Today at 07:55 AM (Salem-by-the-Sea and The Forest of Hollowyn)
    Yesterday was the Bug-Off, and originally I had decided not to enter. I've won it a few times, so I have the gold trophy, and I'm not particularly crazy about the furniture (except the caterpillar couch, which I already have). Then I realized that I could try for the silver or bronze trophy, which I have not cataloged yet.

    I started off with a jewel beetle, just to get a feel for the competition. Later in the day, I submitted a walking stick, and that was enough to get me 2nd place. ...
  2. Reproductive Health Equity Act: Analysis

    Within the last 24 hours, I created a thread on Brewster's Café about Oregon's new abortion expansion law. In case if you don't know what that does, it basically says that you can now have abortions for free. Not just that, but taxpayers have to pay for it. Pro-lifers are against abortion because they believe an unborn fetus is a human being, and terminating a pregnancy is murder. But even if people can get abortions, they have to pay for their own. But this Oregon law made it free in Oregon, which ...
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