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  1. PixelsV2 Going Forward

    This is my first blog post, but I feel like I should start out strong. Where is Pixels Version 2 going from here? Right now it's pretty mixed around. I don't really have a current set theme for the town, but resetting isn't an option for me. I was hoping to make it like a meadow. Really packed with a lot of flowers. But I also want there to be a lot of fruit trees at the same time.

    At this point, I kind of want to begin to deforest the town. Get rid of everything and start fresh with ...
  2. Planning Ahead

    Jotting down some more reference material here. Hopefully no-one minds.

    In Cybrtron, I've decided I'm going for a modern, slightly mechanical theme - after all, my town represents an alien planet!

    We've all seen my custom paths at this point. They're primarily grey and navy blue, with some panels of night sky.

    I've decided on a red, white, black, blue, and purple scheme for flowers, using only roses and pansies. Breeding blue roses and purple pansies ...
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  3. Episode Three - Progress Pt. 1

    It's been a few days, and I'd like to think they've been productive... well, at least in ACNL. XP

    Nearly all my posts so far have been highlighting the characters and their ridiculous shenanigans. Not this one. Here's a recap of the actual, non-silly, non-plot-related goings on in Cybrtron.

    We've celebrated the opening of a second bridge (for improved navigation) and ...