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  1. Leaving (for real)

    Actually leaving today. I hate this place. Not giving my tbt or collectibles to anyone cause idk who really deserves it (plus I spent my whole entire summer to get all them)

    I may/probably visit in the future, but for now I'm quitting. Goodbye.
  2. first times in acnl

    so today, i bred my my first hybrids and ended up with a load of blue roses (alot of little old me, AND from other blue roses so i was kinda cheating but shush accomplishment) which im so happy about because its taken me so long haha!


    I BOUGHT MY FIRST DREAMIE!!! i got Bangle and i love her soso much. i've wanted her since i first saw her in a dream town a couple years back and now i finally have her. soso happy

    just thought id celebrate with ...