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  1. Theme of the Week: Keeping with the Basics

    Alright readers of the Apple Times, Week 1 of Theme of the Week has begun! Like I said before, there are 13 weeks in this series, as tomorrow is Happy Home Designer's second anniversary from its release in the US.

    This week's theme is:

    Basic Theme!

    Yes, it may seem boring, but every house and facility in the spotlight are going to follow the generic theme. We want to start out with the roots. Everything is going to follow the basic theme. Facilities will be ...

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  2. My Plan For Today

    I won't stick to it. You just watch.
    -start commissions
    -Bump threads like a madman
    -STOP SNEEZING (for god's sake it really is autumn isn't it?)
    -get one of my villagers to move out
    -charge my ds
    -go on forza
    -Do homework
    -dread Monday.
    I wonder how much of that I will actually do...
  3. My L button died today

    Edit: Nevermind this I easily fixed it! Just had to blow around the button and now it works

    While I was drawing something in Pokemon Art Academy, I was pressing the L button to undo when I realized it wasn't working. I kept pressing and pressing it but still nothing. Tried testing both buttons in the home menu, only the R button was responding, the L button didn't.

    And, sadly, this means I can never take screenshots in ACNL ever again. Miiverse is ending too, so ...

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  4. Bye Gaston!

    Drago wants to hurt Gaston. I remember the first day he moved in and unpacked, Gaston and Drago got mad at each other. The huffing and puffing. One night he was outside of Gaston's house with a net for hours. The next night he was outside his house again with a shovel for hours. Few days later, Drago and Boots were outside of his house together, though no equipment. Gaston was scared for his life, literally. He moved... I still see Drago and Boots where he was frequently.

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  5. Theme of the Week: Introduction

    The Theme of the Week series has began. As the first theme is revealed tomorrow, here's what the Theme of the Week series is about:

    Every week for 13 weeks, I will upload 75 photos related to the week's theme. 25 of them explore 5 different villager houses, but 50 explore the 7 spotlighted facilities decorated for the theme, all of them being shops and restaurants, as well as the school and hotel. But the first week, I'm starting with 100 photos, with 10 villagers instead of 5. All ...