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  1. acnl image converter

    i have been using this site to help "transfer" images to my game.
    you still have to hand draw them, but it helps make sure the image comes out better and more detailed.

    this url lets you either upload images saved from your personal computer or input the url of a picture you got off the web.

    have it set to 32x32 with a max of 15 colors and either let it automatically guess the color pallet or choose the color ...
  2. First Blog Post

    Wow, I've been a member since 2014 and this is the first I've heard of blogs... on this forum. That's some nutty stuff.
  3. I Can't Be The Only One, Right?

    Do you ever just, like, get so far into a fandom that you ship yourself with one or more of the characters and develop feelings for them? The Undertale fandom has done this to me. I thought the Sans fangirls were all crazy weirdos until I watched just about every Undertale video on Youtube and eventually turned to fanart/fanfiction. Summary of story: Have a huge crush on a fictional skeleton from a video game. Send help.
  4. You've heard of Elf on the Shelf...

    Now get ready for
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    I'm sorry that was horrible xDDD

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  5. The Hero Episode

    For every villain episode, there has to be a hero episode... or twenty, judging by most modern TF series. Fingers crossed that my own ratio won't be nearly that bad!

    At any rate, here's the first hero-focused episode of life in Cybrtron.

    Optimus has taken it upon himself to landscape the town, mainly because Megatron made it clear that he'd rather "just pave the damn thing over and be done with it".