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  1. ♪ Mistwood Day 1 - March 24th, 2017 ♪

    Welcome to the Much Of Mistwood Blog! (I know it's a sucky blog name, but just leave me be...) I'll be posting my daily progress of my second town, Mistwood, here, in this trashy blog ~♪

    On Thursday, I went to GameStop after school and bought my second AC:NL copy! ❁ It came with a free amiibo card inside, I got Louie! (Which is one I don't have.)

    AC:NL Cartridge + Louie Amiibo Card

    I'd been resetting for 2 days, but I knew it was going to take quite a while to find a good ...

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  2. I Am a Changed Man

    Note to moderators: This post may be a little silly, so do not take it seriously. It is not intended to take a stab at anyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnimalCrossingPerson
    I'm too much for the site's Resetti infraction hander-outer to handle. You ain't gonna ban me, boi!
    I would like to personally thank the anonymous soul behind the Resetti profile for banning me from The Bell Tree Forums for approximately 47 hours and 40 minutes. This being longer than a Club Penguin ban (24 hours), it really influenced ...