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  1. VanessaMay18's weird TBT dreams episode 2

    This is fun tbh. And the dreams are still coming. Sooo I'm back for episode 2.

    Without delay, here are my most recent TBT dreams:
    -A new series of number collectibles was created. As in, the collectibles were just a number against a random colour background (a number 1 collectible, a number 2 collectible, etc.) They were sort of modeled after the shirts in Animal Crossing. They became quite popular and everyone was fighting to get their favourite number.

    -On ...
  2. I didn't how much attention I actually get

    I used to think of myself here on TBT as one of those newbie-looking people that all those rich and rare, old users would just pass by....

    But however, I did realize something today. A simple thread that I make in the Animal Crossing section easily gets a thousand views. My old shop....about 15,000 views I think, I haven't checked it in so long but even when it's closed and inactive it still gets views...
    I once had a closet clean out and it got a lot of replies in the same ...