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  1. 10,000 Bells: GameCube Version vs New Leaf

    I remember writing blog entries about how Animal Crossing progresses over time back when I was a newbie, but now I like going deeper into some aspects of the game.

    Today, it's about money making and how much one value is worth over time. If you want to know what is worth more between 10,000 Bells from the GameCube Version and 10,000 Bells in New Leaf, the answer is the same gameplay-wise, but I would have to say that the GameCube Version's amounts is worth more. Here's why:
  2. Pearods

  3. Erik moved in today!!

  4. Happy Anniversary to Star Wars!

    Today is Star Wars' 40th Anniversary. The whole multimedia franchise (including cartoons, games, and comics) all started with a live action film that came out in theaters 40 years ago on this day.

    The movie that came out was A New Hope, which introduced more advanced special effects and editing. Back then, A New Hope was simply called "Star Wars". It was also very original, steering clear of pop culture references. Since then, there were more Star Wars movies, and more stuff ...
  5. I'm in a really good mood right now :D

    *This is kind of like a journal entry or whatever so if you don't want to read something happy then just move along I guess.

    This might be a long one so hold onto your butts!!

    K so today was the day of my graduation practice, and though I had to get up at like 6am and ride the bus to school (I don't have my license yet lol i'm a loser) I had some really good cinnamon rolls for breakfast at school, and I got to see some old friends that I haven't seen in at least a year! ...

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