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  1. Too busy playing my Nintendo 64

    What happens when you combine my favorite TV show and my favorite game console?
    You get a masterpiece.

    That is why it is my new avatar. Now you know. :rolleyes:

    Oh, and some exciting news! I am sooo close to getting a mint condition copy of Mario Kart 64!! THE HYPE IS SO REALLLLLL OMFGGGGGG
  2. A few pictures

    by , Yesterday at 08:00 AM (Salem-by-the-Sea and The Forest of Hollowyn)
    I finally got my kitchen finished, and now that you can do the HHD mode of moving items, it's easy to take a picture of the entire room. Thought I'd share.

    Name:  Kitchen.jpg
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    The painting you see the back of is Wendell's Painting. I wish it could go on the wall, but the colors go so well with the room, I had to use it. I"m really pleased with the way it turned out.

    Goldie asked to come over this morning, but she only stayed for a minute or ...

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  3. It's a beautiful morning...

    by , 07-25-2017 at 08:40 AM (Salem-by-the-Sea and The Forest of Hollowyn)
    Yesterday and today have been gloomy and rainy, so the blue skies and sunshine in Salem have been very welcome. I'm even beginning to get a tan. Must be from running around on the island. Gotta save up my medals for wetsuits.

    This morning was a bit of a mixed bag. I got a letter and gift from Midge, thanking me for hanging out at her house yesterday. The present was her picture! I put it in my living room. It fits the scheme in there perfectly.

    I also requested the ...

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  4. 7/22: chow's birthday party

    saturday was chow's birthday! i bought him an asteroid because all of his other favorite items (category: crazy, color: brown) were unorderable! he wanted the sloppy and cardboard sets which i held too dear to part with. here's a little recap

    when i showed up at his house i noticed something interesting..

    Name:  HNI_0086.JPG
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    apparently i missed the memo on this shindig. i had walked right into a panda party in full-swing, if ...

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  5. Shopping

    by , 07-24-2017 at 09:59 AM (Salem-by-the-Sea and The Forest of Hollowyn)
    Quiet day, for the most part. I've completed my town initiatives and bought up some items from the campground visitors. Yesterday, Wendell was in and I got his painting. I'm kind of disappointed that you can't hang it on the wall, but I've put it in the kitchen, and it does look nice.

    Today is Franklin. I got all the food items from him. I figure I'll be able to get the furniture from him at Thanksgiving.

    I ran into Midge first thing this morning, and she asked me to ...