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  1. first post in a long time & snowmans

    so we just got disney infinity 3.0! im really exited to set it up so enough with that i got on acnl today and rolled up a perfect snowman! his number is 46, before i could get the other one spinning however, mint pinged me to show me an empty letter from one of my side characters, Samantha. so once she was done talking i did the other one his number is 8! so yesterday i helped someone reset their town and i think we made good friends! i still haven't caught Francine in her house but im waiting ...
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  2. My suggestions on improving Pokemon Type Effectiveness

    Although these suggestions are only fan suggestions and will not be official unless otherwise noticed, I came up with a list of suggestions on how to improve each type in Pokemon. For instance, Ice is a very poor type defensively. It is only resistant to Ice while having several double weaknesses. Dragon is only good against Dragon. Even corrections can mess everything up, so there needs to be more corrections until everything is balanced.

    Here are my suggestions:

    Offense: ...
    Entries 101+

    Uh oh
    Today I need to:
    Practice playing all of me on my keyboard which is like ten million grades higher then me, I've only learnt like 8 bars, and I need to learn it for a concert on TUESDAY
    cook something um
    Go to town and buy some stuff for secret Santa

    someone save me
  4. im so shook

    this is my first blog post and i don't really know how it works but i'm just so excited

    on wednesday night i saw book of mormon with my friends. it was so amazing and i was just really in love with it and like dissociated for the next 3 days. i love kevin price, and kevin clay (the actor we saw) was beautiful and amazing and my favorite elder price of them all. i really wish there were videos of him on youtube as elder price so i could just see it whenever.

    but i found ...
  5. who else is excited for christmas??????

    oh because am i ever excited! gifts and more! i plan to give some TBT to my friends here, so i'm trying to post a lot and save up. i'm gonna get lots of stuff a few days before christmas, so the wait for that is even shorter! (reason for the "4 days till free stuff" user title)

    oh btw imma use some emotes with this snazzy keyboard.

    (∀`) (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡ ╰(*︶`*)╯♡ (*・ω・)ノ ...

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