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  1. I'm in a really good mood right now :D

    *This is kind of like a journal entry or whatever so if you don't want to read something happy then just move along I guess.

    This might be a long one so hold onto your butts!!

    K so today was the day of my graduation practice, and though I had to get up at like 6am and ride the bus to school (I don't have my license yet lol i'm a loser) I had some really good cinnamon rolls for breakfast at school, and I got to see some old friends that I haven't seen in at least a year! ...

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  2. List of villagers I've had in my village

    List of villagers I've had in my village

    066 | Gruff

    149 | Broccolo
    150 | Coco
    157 | Moose
    166 | Kitty

    240 | Deirdre

    365 | Peggy

    s06 | Toby
  3. The MoonGlow Report: Issue #06

    It's time for the summary for Week 6 in MoonGlow's development and Andrea's life as a mayor. This week was a huge week for MoonGlow's development. Everyday except for Saturday, a new PWP was in the works. And more house payments and museum donations were being made.

    --Day 36: MoonGlow Lighthouse completed--

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    Started and finished on Sunday, MoonGlow finally got a lighthouse. It was built in the southeastern corner of town, ...
  4. The MoonGlow Report: Issue #05

    It's time for the fifth weekly summary of the MoonGlow Report. Last week, there was not much done in MoonGlow, as the town remained underdeveloped. But at this point, all 10 villagers were the villagers I wanted, there were plenty of streetlights along the paths, and everything was looking good.

    Now it's time for the weekly summary.

    --Day 29: The Fifth Horscope--

    Nothing very special happened on this day, but Andrea did visit Katrina's tent. By this point, ...
  5. The MoonGlow Report: Issue #04

    I have some bad news for you. Because of my rushing to kick some animals out, I couldn't take any screenshots for weeks 4 and 5. However, I did track the events. The fourth week didn't have much other than animals moving in and small touches of town development. But I can write my best.

    --Day 22: Andrea's first badge--

    January 23rd was a common crossroad back when I was time traveling back and forth multiple times, but after the paradox, I was able to play normally ...