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    Ok, I wanted to share this with you guys, but it didn't seem important enough to make a thread about. So I'm making a blog post instead.

    Now, I've mentioned a couple times that I have a book blog (if anyone wants a link, just ask and I will share) and today I experienced my first big moment as a blogger. See, if you check the thread I started "So What Are You Reading?", you'll see that I just finished up Geekerella by Ashley Poston. And I really loved the book, so I decided ...
  2. Playing dress up

    by , Today at 10:05 AM (Salem-by-the-Sea and The Forest of Hollowyn)
    I really liked my outfit today.

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    It's the pink party dress, brown pumps, and beret. Simple, but cute, especially with the pigtails (it looks better when I'm moving around. my head kind of looks like a giant acorn here).

    In other news, Phineas stopped by to give me a new badge - Villager of Honor. Took four years of off-and-on playing, but I hit 500 hours.

    Gracie started her End of Season sale yesterday. I picked up ...

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  3. Just for my reference

    by , Today at 07:19 AM (Salem-by-the-Sea and The Forest of Hollowyn)
    This probably won't be interesting to anyone but me. I want to put down something about how/where I plant different bushes to make it cohesive. If things aren't in flower, it's hard to remember exactly what is planted where (except holly, which you can tell by the leaves). Feel free to ignore this.

    Elder Grove, Train Station, The Roost - holly, bamboo

    Re-Tail, Upper Villagers - pink hydrangea

    Lower Villagers - blue hydrangea

    Police Station, ...

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  4. Hidden Problems in ACNL that may not be problems, but are

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf may be the best Animal Crossing game, but it's sure not a stranger to in-game flaws, even after the amiibo update. Some old issues (such as beetle sensitivity, sea basses, grass decay, and Resetti) are still in as we are also aware of the new issues created since the game's release (such as villagers moving in front of players' houses, Club Tortimer, the new luck system, and animals not giving PWP suggestions when we expect them). In addition, there is a problem that used ...
  5. golly

    gee I just love getting banned don't I. What was that, my 9th or 10th ban? Honestly worth it, everything about it was worth my laughs